Social media users claim migrants behind norovirus spike

Furious Americans have taken to social media to blame immigrants for being the source of the highly virulent norovirus sweeping the Northeast.

“did it [the] Is the spread of the virus related to unidentified illegal immigrants coming across the border every day? ” 1 facebook user asked.

The highly contagious gastroenteritis, which causes frightening symptoms including severe diarrhea, has been ravaging the northeastern region in recent weeks, which has the highest norovirus positivity rate in the country.

Almost 14% of swab tests in the Northeast came back positive for norovirus earlier this month, mirroring a similar pattern seen in 2022, before immigrants began arriving in New York City. james cavom
Social media users are blaming the migrant crisis for a surge in cases of highly virulent norovirus in the Northeast. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Nearly 14% of people in the Northeast tested positive for norovirus during swab tests earlier this month, up from just under 11.5% in mid-January, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“A highly contagious gastroenteritis, particularly norovirus, is rapidly spreading across the Northeast, including New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.” another Facebook user wrote. “All areas where there is a concentration of illegal immigrants who bring different types of viruses and diseases into the country.”

However, noroviruses have long been the leading cause of acute gastroenteritis, or inflammation of the stomach and intestines, in the United States. leads to vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, According to the CDC.

Epidemics occur every year, usually during the cold winter months when people are indoors and more likely to come into contact with each other.

According to data from the agency, there are between 19 million and 21 million cases of gastroenteritis each year, resulting in 465,000 emergency department visits, 109,000 hospitalizations, and 900 deaths. It has become.

Norovirus is usually spread by eating or drinking contaminated food or liquids, touching contaminated surfaces, or coming into contact with someone who already has the virus.

Norovirus outbreaks typically occur during the cold season, despite claims by social media users that immigrants may be to blame for the surge. Getty Images

In the Northeast region, virus positivity rates rose to 16% in March 2022, a month before Texas Gov. Greg Abbott began busing migrants to the Big Apple, according to CDC data. It rose again a year later.



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