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Southwest Boeing 737 inexplicably drops to less than 500 ft.

A Southwest Airlines passenger plane inexplicably nosedived upon landing in Oklahoma City, flying less than 500 feet above a residential neighborhood, triggering altitude alarms and frightening residents.

Southwest Airlines Flight 4069, departing from Las Vegas, was recorded by transponders flying dangerously low, drawing the attention of air traffic controllers.

Shortly after midnight, the Boeing 737-800 was cleared to land at Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World Airport and flew over Yukon High School. The Oklahoman reported..

A Southwest Airlines plane flew uncomfortably close to some Oklahoma residents on Wednesday. NurPhoto via Getty Images

“Southwest 4069, low altitude warning,” the air traffic controller warned. “Are you OK?”

The commercial jet regained altitude, circled the airport and eventually landed safely, the paper said.

Authorities confirmed the plane veered off its approach path during its initial landing attempt.

The plane flew disturbingly close, upsetting local residents.

“The other night I thought I was having a funny dream about planes but it was actually a 737 buzzing around my house,” one user wrote on Facebook.

“I woke up thinking it was going to hit my house,” another person said in a local Facebook group, according to The Oklahoman.

After the horrific incident, the plane landed safely at Will Rogers Airport. Google

Southwest Airlines said in a statement that it was investigating the incident together with federal authorities.

“Southwest follows a rigorous safety management system and is in contact with the Federal Aviation Administration to identify and address any irregularities involving aircraft approaching airports,” the spokesperson said.

“Nothing is more important to Southwest Airlines than the safety of our customers and employees.”

The plane flew just 500 feet above Yukon High School. Google

Wednesday’s surprising flight incident was reported by the Federal Aviation Administration Confirmed by USA Today This week we looked into how a Southwest Airlines plane crashed just 400 feet above the Pacific Ocean while en route to Hawaii in April.

The plane plummeted at “an extraordinary speed of more than 4,000 feet per minute” before the pilot pulled up, according to a memo the airline sent to pilots and passengers. Obtained by Bloomberg.