Special Counsel Says Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Are Spinning ‘Conspiracy Theory’ By Questioning Laptop Authenticity

Special Counsel David Weiss said Wednesday that Hunter Biden’s lawyers are pushing a “conspiracy theory” by questioning the authenticity of Biden’s laptop.

Weiss Confirmed In the filing, prosecutors say they plan to bring in a laptop used by a former intelligence official. Suspect After the New York Post first reported on its contents, it said the trial evidence had the hallmarks of a “Russian intelligence operation” and “contains significant evidence of the defendant’s guilt.” He said Hunter Biden’s claims about the laptop’s authenticity were “conspiracy theories with no supporting evidence.”

hunter biden’s legal team I got it. Monday’s filing said “various media outlets” that received copies of the data and hired forensic experts to determine whether it was authentic “concluded that it was not.” They said the evidence should be able to be challenged on the grounds that it “may have been tampered with by someone other than Biden.” The Daily Caller News Foundation certified the emails from the laptop as authentic in 2020.

“Defendants have had the laptop data in its raw, original form since September 2023, but have not provided the government with any evidence of its alteration or alteration,” Weiss’ team wrote. “Although he has not provided any evidence or information to show that his laptop contains false information, the government’s evidence indicates the contrary. Defendant’s laptop is genuine ( (introduced as a trial exhibit) and contains important evidence of the defendant’s guilt” (see summary table in 1006).

Biden was indicted on three firearm-related felonies in September 2023. His trial is scheduled to begin June 3 in Wilmington, Delaware.

WASHINGTON DC – JANUARY 10: US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and Kevin Morris (left) attend a House Oversight Committee meeting on January 10, 2024 in Washington, DC. and Abby Rowell (right). (Credit: Kent Nishimura/Getty Images)

“He has not shown that the actual evidence in this case is unreliable or genuine, because there is none,” the filing states.

The filing explains how the evidence was stored, saying it was extracted in 2019 by FBI forensics experts and that John Paul Mac Isaac, a Delaware computer repair shop owner, was arrested in 2020. The media said it was not obtained from a copy of the data handed over in 2017.About Hunter Biden’s lawyer Quote Regarding allegations that a Russian businessman told a third party in 2014 that Mr. Biden’s devices had been compromised, Weiss called the allegations “baseless.” (Related: Biden DHS shuts down ‘expert’ committee of signatories of infamous Hunter Biden laptop letter)

“This is another example of the defendant asking people to believe Russian intelligence when it suits their interests, but not to believe Russian intelligence when it does not suit their interests. ” Weiss said. “None of this hearsay after hearsay is evidence and does not indicate that the actual trial evidence was tampered with.”

Many of the messages prosecutors are introducing as evidence also come from other sources, including submission notes containing iCloud data from his iPad and iPhone obtained directly from Apple.

In Monday’s filing, prosecutors revealed messages they plan to introduce to prove their claim that Hunter Biden lied about drug use on federal gun purchase forms. For example, an Oct. 14, 2018 message in which Hunter Biden said, “I was sleeping in my car.” Rodney with a car smoking crack on 4th Avenue. ”

Hunter Biden’s attorney did not immediately respond to DCNF’s request for comment.

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