Stephen A. Smith: Michelle Obama would ‘hands down’ be next president if she ran

Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith said if former first lady Michelle Obama runs for president in 2024, she would “absolutely” beat former President Trump.

Smith appeared on former NBA player Kevin Garnett’s “KG Certified” podcast and was asked how close he thought the United States was to having female leaders.

He told Garnett that he believed America “would have had a female president in 2016″ had the presidential election not been tainted by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email controversy. That was not the case,” he added.

“And if Michelle Obama were to run, I think she would win right now. If Michelle Obama were to run against Trump, who is considered the Republican nominee, I think she would definitely be the next president of the United States,” Smith said. he said. Highlighted by Mediaite. “Okay, that’s obviously not going to happen. She doesn’t seem interested in her.”

President Obama has expressed support for President Biden’s re-election campaign and shot down rumors that she would suddenly run for president.

“As former First Lady Michelle Obama has stated many times before, she will not run for president,” Crystal Carson, President Obama’s communications director, said in a statement in March.

The statement comes after a number of Republicans floated the idea, without evidence, that Obama could replace Biden on this fall’s ballot.

in February voting, she was selected by the Democratic Party as the front-runner to replace Biden in the 2024 election. Although she has support from voters, she is said to have “zero chance” of running.

Smith’s comments follow rumors that he may one day run for president, but he said he does not believe Americans will vote for him.

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