Joe Biden Least Popular President in Modern History

President Joe Biden is the least popular president in modern U.S. history, according to a FiveThirtyEight poll. According to opinion polls, Biden's approval rating is -18 percentage points: 37.7% support Biden 55.6% disapprove of Biden Biden's -18 percentage points is lowest in modern history, previous FiveThirtyEight vote found: Donald Trump: Approval rating 41.7% (-11.9 percentage […]

‘Words Matter’: Harvard President Apologizes For Comments In Hearing On College Campus Antisemitism

Harvard University President Claudine Gay apologized for comments about Jewish students during a Congressional hearing on Tuesday, saying, “Words matter,” according to the Harvard Crimson. on thursday interview In an interview with the Harvard Crimson, Gay not only regretted his recent comments, but also said that “violence” and “intimidation” against Jewish students “will not be […]

Mexican President Wrongly Claimed Mass Murder Victims Were Buying Drugs

Mexico's attorney general has revealed that the five medical students who were kidnapped and murdered by cartel gunmen were not involved in drug trafficking and were simply spending time at a water park. The information contradicts previous claims by Mexico's president, who sought to distract attention from the massacre by claiming the victims were trying […]

Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone endorses Nikki Haley for president

Home Depot co-founder and billionaire Ken Langone on Friday endorsed Nikki Haley's 2024 presidential bid and argued that the Republican Party should move away from Donald Trump. “I think she's exactly the person we need right now. I think her approach is smart. I think she's made herself clear on some issues, but this is […]

Arkansas State University System names interim president

The Arkansas State University System's Board of Governors voted Friday to appoint Robin Myers as the system's interim chancellor. Myers retired this summer after 11 years as president of Arkansas State University, Mountain Home, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported. He will succeed Chuck Welch, who will become president and chief executive officer of the American Association […]