Stephen A. Smith Says He Had To Ask His Pastor’s Forgiveness Before Unleashing Attack On Jason Whitlock

ESPN broadcaster Stephen A. Smith called fellow Blaze sports broadcaster Jason Whitlock a “fat son of a bitch” and said he had to ask his pastor for forgiveness for what he was about to say. argued and vehemently criticized.

“Jason Whitlock. I said that name,” Smith declared in a video posted to Twitter. “That's not the name I said. Normally I wouldn't do that. But it needs to be done now. I'm tired of that fat bastard. That asshole. And before we go to break, I I want to see if there is anyone out there who would look at it and know who I am. Anyone Outside, no matter what you think of me, I want you to remember that I never talk about him. I never talk about my colleagues. I don't do that. This is my first time. But it's necessary. When I say I don't talk about him, I don't literally mean I don't talk about him. I'm not going to interfere with him…like I'm about to do. ”

Smith then spoke about warning pastors. (Related: 'Kiss the A** twice': Stephen A. Smith on report that McAfee paid for Mr. Rogers' interview)

“I literally called the pastor And since I am not going to recognize who I am about to hear from, I asked for forgiveness and understanding in advance. I did the same thing when I emailed my boss at ESPN. ”

Smith then appeared to allude to the recent controversy surrounding ESPN colleague Pat McAfee and potential problems ESPN executives are having with his controversial weekly segment with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“This is my podcast. I own and run this. I'm doing what I want with this podcast, but I have a responsibility to at least let my daytime employer know what I'm going to do.” That doesn't mean it doesn't exist yet.”

Smith concluded this harrowing two-minute warning shot with the information that he warned those close to him that they might see a different side of him. “My sisters. My nieces and nephews. My sons who are in the industry. Everyone I was able to reach in time was alerted. It's time for me to work on this. . I'm only going to do it once, because this bastard is worth less than a fucking cockroach. He wanted my attention. He gets it.”

Suspense kills me. What did Stephen A. have to say that was so bad that he had to warn his family, his employer, and his crazy pastor?

Mr. Whitlock said, “I can't wait.'' “Book review, Stephen. You wrote a book, and I reviewed it.''

Mr. Smith's warning came hours after Mr. Whitlock's. accused He accused him of spreading a “farce” and claimed Mr Smith was a “myth” and that he had been “installed” at the top.

I'm waiting with bated breath to see what Smith comes up with next. That's because it's definitely dangerous.



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