Abbott Calls for Addressing Mental Health Issues in Wake of Texas Mass Shooting

Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) said on Fox News Sunday this week that the “long-term solution” to Saturday’s shooting in Allen, Texas is mental health. said to deal with Host Shannon Bream said, “As happens with these shootings, it almost immediately turns into a political conversation about gun reform. It says there are dangerous gun laws, […]

Abbott urges Lightfoot to seek Biden’s help in addressing migrant crisis

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (Republican) responded to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s request to stop sending immigrants to Chicago, with no intention of stopping bus service to the city. He said he should call on President Biden to secure the border. “It is ironic, as the mayor of a self-proclaimed sanctuary city, to complain about how […]

Addressing a big need at cornerback

Getting a wide receiver in the first round of the NFL Draft makes headlines and buzz. Check out all these highlight reel catches. Choosing a cornerback is more modest — he’s appreciated for his ability to limit the achievements of others. Both are considered premium draft equity, and it just so happens that the Giants […]

Vito Perrone says he was denied top school job for addressing women as ‘ladies’

The Massachusetts superintendent of schools said the job was canceled after a school board called two women “women.” Vito Perrone was offered a position as Easthampton’s headmaster on March 24, but he said the opportunity disappeared when he used perceived disrespect in emails to the chairman and executive assistant. I was. According to the Daily […]

Biden Jokes About Ice Cream Before Addressing Nashville Christian School Shooting

President Joe Biden took to the podium Monday and joked about chocolate chip ice cream before calling for tighter gun control following the shooting at a Christian school in Nashville. He joked about ice cream with the audience in the East Room before talking about the Nashville school attack. “I know a lot of people […]

Addressing the ‘right to mine’ crypto

Before New York passed first in the country Cryptocurrency mining moratorium Last year, the mining industry was spoiled with zero regulation or supervision. But the tide is turning.Well, after the Biden administration Recommended More regulation and sen. Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts)introduced The industry appears to be reeling from the bill to crack down on the industry’s […]