Paris Ritz finds missing $807,000 ring in vacuum cleaner bag

A ring worth $800,000 that mysteriously disappeared from a hotel room at the luxury Ritz Paris was reportedly later found collecting dust in a vacuum cleaner bag. The owner of the ring, a Malaysian businessman staying at the luxury hotel, filed a police report on Friday accusing employees of stealing his treasure, but on Sunday […]

‘Dead’ woman found to still be alive in body bag at morgue in Brazil: reports

Staff at a Brazilian crematorium were shocked to discover a 90-year-old woman who had been declared dead was still alive in a body bag, according to reports. According to Brazilian news source Estadón, the entire ordeal began in the city of São Jose on Saturday, just hours after hospital officials pronounced Norma Silveira da Silva […]

Where do plastic bag fees go? – The Hill

Story summary Charges for plastic bags have become widespread in some parts of the country amid government efforts to curb Americans’ plastic consumption. State and local governments decide where the funds from the fees go. It’s unclear how the money is being used in some cities. But in many places, the money collected from these […]

OpenAI boots Altman, Microsoft left holding the bag as co-founder quits in solidarity

Check out what’s being clicked on Microsoft leaders were blindsided by announcements like: OpenAI CEO According to reports, Sam Altman had been removed from his position. Company executives reportedly received notice of Mr. Altman’s termination on Friday afternoon, minutes before the news became public, but the tech giant supports his replacement, CEO Mira Murati. […]