Brazilian Man Rams Lamborghini Into Thief Who Stole His Rolex At Gunpoint

The Lamborghini suffered major damage in this accident. A man rammed his Lamborghini into a robbery in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo and stole a Rolex watch at gunpoint.according to CNN Brazil, the incident occurred on Saturday, May 18th, in the upscale area of ​​Calle Brigadeiro Faria Lima. A video of the incident appeared […]

Michel Pereira rescues dozens of dogs in Brazilian floods

UFC middleweight fighter Michel Pereira was caught on video rescuing dozens of dogs from a forgotten area as Brazil’s Rio Grande do Sul state was hit by devastating flooding. More than 25 inches of rain has fallen in the Brazil region in just a few weeks. This is reportedly more than the average annual rainfall […]

10 confirmed dead after fire at Brazilian hotel, authorities say

At least 10 people were killed and 11 injured in a fire at a small hotel, authorities in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre said. Rio Grande do Sul state’s fire brigade said the fire broke out in the three-story building early in the morning. The hotel was known for providing affordable housing for singles. […]

Brazilian woman in Colo. paralyzed from case of botulism

A young Brazilian woman working in Colorado through an exchange program is left paralyzed and fighting for her life in a hospital after contracting a rare bacterial infection, her family announced. Claudia de Albuquerque Serrada, 23, was admitted to the hospital on February 17th after suffering from paralysis, dizziness, double vision and shortness of breath, […]

Elon Musk’s stand against Brazilian autocracy reveals deep-state censorship

Why should we care that Elon Musk was insulted by a Brazilian Supreme Court justice? This story turned out to be the tip of the fascist iceberg, funded by the people’s taxes.Michael Shellenberger was recently released. incredible video This is indicative of the alarming corruption currently occurring in Brazil. This same type of corruption is […]

Brazilian Woman, 81, Dies After Surgery To Remove Dead Foetus She Carried For 56 Years

Bella’s condition was not noticed until she underwent a 3D scan. (Representative photo) An 81-year-old Brazilian woman has died after undergoing surgery to remove a 56-year-old fetus from her abdomen. Metro report. The woman, named Daniela Vera, had an unknowing ectopic pregnancy when she was young and had complained to her doctor many times about […]

Brazilian footballer Robinho arrested after rape conviction | Robinho

Former Brazilian and Manchester City striker Robinho was arrested by federal police at his home in the city of Santos after a Brazilian court sentenced him to nine years in prison for rape for which he was convicted in Italy. The 40-year-old footballer, whose full name is Robson de Sousa, was taken into custody on […]

Facebook Parent Meta Wins Brazilian Court Order Overturning Ruling To Stop Using Its Name

US Meta, formerly known as Facebook, changed name in 2021 (Representative) Brasilia, Brazil: Facebook’s parent company Meta on Friday won a Brazilian court order overturning an earlier ruling that barred it from using the name in the South American country because of confusion with another company. Mark Zuckerberg’s tech company won a favorable ruling after […]