West Virginia lawmakers push to ban smoking in cars with children

The West Virginia Senate on Monday passed a bill that would ban the smoking and possession of lighted tobacco products in vehicles carrying anyone under the age of 16. If passed, the proposal would be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $25, but it would only be punishable as a secondary crime. […]

Join the fight to keep AM radio in our cars​

Don’t let me touch that dial. The battle to keep AM radio in cars is far from over. The Vehicle AM ​​Radio Act, currently awaiting Senate approval, would require all new vehicles manufactured and sold in the United States to come standard with equipment that allows access to AM stations at no additional cost. . […]

Colorado Funeral Home Owners Abandoned 190 Bodies, Spent Money on Cars and Crypto

The husband-and-wife owners of a Colorado funeral home are facing 260 criminal charges after being accused of abandoning nearly 200 decomposing bodies and funneling customers’ money into luxury cars and cryptocurrency. . John and Carrie Hallford, owners of Return to Nature Funeral Home in Colorado Springs, horrified police when 190 bodies were found dead. discovered […]

Sheriff gives punks bad news about 88 cars towed and impounded after major street-takeover bust: ‘No need to keep calling’

The sheriff in San Joaquin County, California, has bad news for the owners of 88 cars that were towed and impounded after the crash. A large-scale street occupation occurred in Stockton last Friday.. Participating in illegal “sideshows” that involve gathering at a pre-determined intersection, blocking the intersection, and doing endless donuts and other dangerous things […]

Colorado couple let 189 bodies rot while blowing cash on cars, crypto

A Colorado couple raised money from hundreds of families for an “eco-friendly” funeral and spent it on cars, cryptocurrency and designer jewelry, but the bodies remained dilapidated, according to newly released court documents. It is said that it was decomposed in a facility where it was used. John and Carrie Hallford call their Return to […]

Electric Cars Can’t Advertise As “Zero Emissions”: UK Regulator

The ASA said it welcomed assurances from BMW that the allegations would not be repeated in the future. (agent) Britain’s advertising regulator ruled on Wednesday that BMW and MG Motors cannot claim their electric cars are “zero emissions” because of the environmental impact of manufacturing and power generation. The Advertising Standards Authority wrote about BMW’s […]

Paris Slaps Mega Tolls on SUVs to Drive Cars From City

PARIS (AP) — Parisians voted Sunday to remove SUVs from the streets of the French capital with a significant increase in parking fees starting in the fall. It is the latest part of Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s efforts to make this year’s Olympic host city more environmentally friendly. Friendly to pedestrians and cyclists. More than […]


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