Ryan Leaf rips Jay Glazer for being a ‘fraud’ and ‘con man’

Ryan Leaf no longer thinks highly of Jay Glazer. The greatest NFL draft bust of all time slams former ally Glazer as a “fraud” and “fraud” in a quote tweet with an X above a tweet of Glazer and Michael Phelps discussing mental health I called it with the proper word. “Glaser is a con […]

Ad Rips Nevada GOP Senate Candidate Jeff Gunter as ‘Con Man’

In its latest ad, pro-Sam Brown super PAC Duty First Nevada slams Jeff Gunter, one of Brown’s opponents in the Republican Senate primary, as a “fraud.” The ad (a YouTube link obtained by Breitbart News before publication) criticized Gunter, a dermatologist, for selling his anti-wrinkle serum in a late-night infomercial. Breitbart News reported Monday that […]

DNC calls Donald Trump ‘a con artist’ as he reportedly meets with NFT buyers

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has slammed former President Donald Trump as a “fraud” after reports that he was dining with donors who supported digital trading cards with his photo on them. Trump will take a break from court on Wednesday to host a dinner at his Mar-a-Lago, Florida, mansion with donors who purchased Trump’s […]

Reporteros medioambientales, las voces audaces de un periodismo con causa

Cochabamba, Bolivia —  Desde hace tres décadas Miriam Jemio está dedicada a la cobertura medioambiental en Bolivia. Como periodista ha visitado casi todos los rincones del país en busca de historias que visibilicen la realidad de comunidades olvidadas y con situaciones que ponen en riesgo su hábitat ante el desenfrenado avance del cambio climático. Reconoce […]

Trump Is a ‘Low Down’ Con Man Using ‘Boogeyman Politics’

MSNBC host Al Sharpton said Friday on “Deadline” that former President Donald Trump is a “low-class” con man who is playing “boogeyman politics.” Sharpton said, “He was the same guy who stood on TV as President of the United States and said, don’t worry, it’ll be over in two weeks. And in the end, he […]

Colombianos celebran con devoción la Semana Santa

Bogotá —  Miles de fieles católicos abarrotan las calles con diferentes procesiones coloridas mientras cargan en hombros o en carrozas simbólicas imágenes de Jesucristo en una celebración de Semana Santa que es casi una fiesta nacional con varias de sus celebraciones que han sido declaradas Patrimonio Histórico y Cultural de la Humanidad por la Unesco. […]

Bernie Sanders’ four-day-work-week scheme is a cynical con

Karl Marx would be proud: Bernie Sanders urged us to take another step toward the philosopher’s utopia by proposing: Mandatory 4-day work week. In a communist society, workers would be freed to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, without becoming hunters, fishermen, shepherds, or shepherds, as I have in mind. Marx wrote that […]

Biden campaign launches program for Hispanic voters: ‘Latinos con Biden-Harris’

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