Michael Gove to stand down at general election | Conservatives

With Michael Gove joining a record-breaking number of Conservative MPs to quit the Commons, the leveller said it was time for a “new generation” to lead the party. Gove’s announcement, in a letter tweeted on Friday evening, was expected by some given the strong Liberal Democrat challenge he faces in his Surrey Heath constituency, but […]

Conservatives Rally Around Rick Scott as Next Senate Republican Leader

Conservatives of all stripes are supporting the candidacy of Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) to become the next Republican Senate Leader. Scott announced Tuesday that he is running to represent the Republican Party in the Senate in the next Congress. “I believe now is the time for dramatic change,” the Florida Republican said. Scott will be […]

Pope Francis: US conservatives have a ‘suicidal attitude’

In a recent segment on “60 Minutes,” Pope Francis was asked about conservative U.S. bishops who oppose new efforts to rethink dogma and tradition, and he offered a sharp criticism. “A conservative is someone who clings to something and does not look beyond it. Taking into account tradition or considering past circumstances is suicidal, but […]

Conservatives Have a ‘Suicidal Attitude’

ROME — Pope Francis told CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell that conservatives are willfully blind and that their narrow-mindedness shows “suicidal thoughts.” in interview Speaking on Sunday’s “60 Minutes”, the pope said a conservative is someone who “holds on to something and doesn’t look beyond it.” That’s a suicidal attitude. ” “One thing is to take […]

Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch break from Supreme Court conservatives in consumer bureau case

Justice Samuel Alito and Justice Neil Gorsuch opposed The Supreme Court’s 7-2 vote upheld the agency’s funding mechanism as constitutional. While most federal agencies receive funding through Congress’ government appropriations process, the CFPB currently withdraws funds from the Federal Reserve that the director determines are “reasonably necessary to carry out its operations.” Because of this […]

Authoritarian? Conservatives Want to Restore the Constitution. The Left Can’t Handle It.

The Constitution created three branches in the federal government: the legislature to make the laws, the executive branch to enforce the laws, and the judiciary to settle disputes about the laws. Yet the federal government we know and very much do not love doesn’t operate the way the Constitution says it should. Instead, unelected bureaucrats write more […]

Conservatives aren’t the only ones calling for school choice

from nebraska to tennessee to Oregon And beyond that, this year has reignited the debate over school choice, often portrayed as a “right-wing” issue. But if you think center-right policymakers are leading this movement, think again. Yes, Republican governors are pro-charter, pro-accountability, while likely promoting public funding for charter and private school enrollment. Democratic Party […]