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Trump and His Supporters Have Contributed to this Violent Rhetoric’

ABC host George Stephanopoulos said on “This Week” on Sunday that Donald Trump and his supporters encouraged “violent rhetoric” as they discussed yesterday’s assassination attempt on the former president. “Of course, President Trump and his supporters are complicit in this violent rhetoric,” Stephanopoulos said. Co-host Martha Raddatz added, “Exactly, George. We were just looking back […]

Alabama reaction to Michigan loss ‘contributed’ to Nick Saban retiring

Nick Saban shed light on his shocking retirement from Alabama football. In-depth profile by ESPN’s Chris LowSaban talked about a wide range of factors in why he decided to step down, including how his players treated him in the College Football Playoff semifinal loss to Michigan, his age, how he treated players in the NIL […]

Deputy AG: Claims of government weaponization has contributed to ‘unprecedented rise’ in political threats

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said Sunday that the government's alleged use of weapons is contributing to an “unprecedented increase” in threats against public officials, including law enforcement, prosecutors and election officials. In an interview with ABC News' “This Week,” Monaco said he strongly pushed back against Republican claims that the Department of Justice (DOJ) […]