Lakewood, Colorado residents urge city council not to help with migrant crisis

Residents of a Colorado city packed a Congressional meeting Monday night to express anger over its potential to become a mecca for migrants crossing the southern border, even though officials have formally ruled out such an effort. Lakewood is just a few miles from the state capital, Denver, and the two cities often support each […]

Boston City Council Member Demands Suburbanites House Illegals

Boston City Councilwoman Julia Mejia told WBTS Boston on Thursday that suburbanites need to join forces and start offering their homes as migrant shelters. The councilman argues that the suburbs have more resources than the city, and thinks it’s time for suburbanites to jump on board with the border crisis. “Dedham, Wellesley, Brookline – cities […]

Left Wing Local Council Hits EV Owners with Extra Charges to Park Outside Their Homes

Left-wing local councils are imposing huge parking fees on electric vehicles (EVs) in the name of environmental protection. In central London’s Westminster, electric car owners will for the first time pay for parking outside their homes, but the charge will be imposed as part of a wider ‘climate change’ initiative. package Number of fraudsters brought […]

Philadelphia City Council considers curfew on businesses in this open-air drug market

Warning: This story contains graphic images. With addiction and crime so rampant in the Philadelphia area, a new bill would impose a curfew on some stores in Kensington's open-air drug market. City Councilman Quesi Lozada introduced a bill Thursday that would require some businesses and restaurants in certain areas of the Kensington neighborhood, including the […]


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