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Suspect in New Orleans tour guide murder in US illegally, has criminal history: ICE

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World’s largest stolen password database uploaded to criminal forum

Change your passwords frequently If you don’t choose a strong password carefully, sophisticated hackers can easily compromise your privacy and security, causing devastating losses and a lot of pain in your life. Security researchers have discovered what may be the largest password leak in history, containing approximately 10 billion unique plaintext passwords. The file, titled […]

Archegos founder Bill Hwang convicted at criminal trial over $36B fund’s collapse

Archegos Capital Management founder Sung-Kook “Bill” Hwang was convicted by a jury in a criminal trial in Manhattan federal court on Wednesday after prosecutors accused him of manipulating markets ahead of the 2021 collapse of his $36 billion private investment firm. Jurors began deliberations Tuesday morning, a day after closing arguments in the trial of […]

Two Dem Senators Ask DoJ for Criminal Investigation of Clarence Thomas

This action is Democratic Senators’ Efforts deal with The ethics debate surrounding Thomas and the Supreme Court has been ongoing in recent years. A Whitehouse aide said it may be the first time they have asked for a special counsel to investigate a Supreme Court justice. Whitehouse sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee and Wyden […]

Boeing agrees to plead guilty to criminal fraud over fatal 737 MAX crashes: DOJ

The Department of Justice reported Sunday night that Boeing plans to plead guilty to criminal fraud stemming from two 737 Max crashes in 2018 and 2019 that killed 346 people. Associated Press report. Boeing was accused of violating a 2021 deferred prosecution agreement with the Department of Justice that protected the company from criminal prosecution […]

Texas Arrests 12 Dangerous ‘Criminal Illegal Immigrants’ from Most-Wanted Lists

Texas Department of Public Safety officials announced the arrest of 12 dangerous “criminal illegal immigrants” who were on the state’s Most Wanted list. Texas DPS officials have arrested 12 “illegal immigrants committing crimes” from the state’s most wanted list, DPS announced. reportThe list also includes immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally and committed additional crimes […]

Accused NYC drunk driver in deadly July 4th crash has long criminal record

The DUI suspect in a deadly Fourth of July party on the Lower East Side has a lengthy criminal history that includes an outrageous assault on an addiction counseling trainee and a “DWI” arrest after a crazed man crashed his SUV into a Christmas parade near a Wisconsin city. Violence and drunken mayhem had been […]