Ben Sasse criticizes other universities for ‘bizarrely’ giving attention to ‘smallest, angriest group’ amid protests

University of Florida president Ben Sasse criticized other universities for giving attention to the “smallest, angriest group” of protesters as various anti-Israel protests continue to occur on campuses across the country. Sasse, a former Republican senator representing Nebraska, said on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday that under his leadership in Gainesville, Florida, the school has […]

‘I Don’t Think So’: Bill Maher Criticizes Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness For ‘Jew-Hating’ Protesters

Comedian Bill Maher criticized President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness for “Jew-hating” college protesters on Friday on Real Time with Bill Maher. biden announced $7.4 billion in student loans for 277,000 Americans were canceled in April through the Savings for Valuable Education (SAVE) repayment plan, which began in February 2023. ”[The] The Biden administration’s student […]

Trump criticizes New York cases in first battleground rallies after gag order

In his first two battleground rallies after being fined for violating a gag order, former President Donald Trump bemoaned the restrictions and financial consequences he faces from several legal cases. Trump singled out and criticized New York Judge Juan Merchan, Judge Arthur Engoron, and the writer E. Jean Carroll during a rally in Michigan‘s critical key […]

John Fetterman Criticizes Anti-Israel Protesters in Encampments

Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pennsylvania) criticized anti-Israel demonstrators who have taken part in encampments that have been set up on multiple college campuses within the past week. in interview Fetterman defended Americans’ right to protest on NewsNation with host Chris Stilwald on Sunday, while also speaking out against anti-Israel protesters who have been pitching tents on […]

AOC criticizes ‘horrific’ decision to deploy police at Columbia University protests

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) criticized Columbia University for sending in New York City police to manage pro-Palestinian protesters. It was a rare defense from a member of Congress of the protesters, who have seen strong bipartisan condemnation in recent days. The New York Democrat denounced the university for sending in the police against the protesters, […]

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister criticizes Biden’s comment about cannibalism

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape was critical of President Joe Biden’s comments last week that linked his country to cannibalism, Reuters reported. He urged Biden to clarify the comments in a statement released on Sunday. “President Biden’s remarks may have been a slip of the tongue; however, my country does not deserve to be labeled […]

Black Trump Supporter Criticizes Biden for ‘Disrupting’ Black Community

A Black woman who was caught on video praising and hugging former President Donald Trump at a Chick-fil-A in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday criticized President Joe Biden for “disrupting” and oppressing the Black community. during an interview with fox and friends With host Lawrence Jones and Conserve the Culture founder Michael Montgomery explained People in […]

Biden criticizes Israel after strike kills aid workers

President Joe Biden criticizes Israel statement After US allies killed multiple humanitarian aid workers in a Gaza attack. Seven employees of World Central Kitchen were reported to have died. Associated Press. Biden said in a statement that he was “outraged and heartbroken” by their deaths and said Israel was not doing enough to protect civilians. […]

Lawler criticizes GOP approach to IVF and abortion: ‘People want reasonableness’

Rep. Mike Lawler (RN.Y.) on Sunday criticized the Republican Party’s approach to reproductive rights, saying the party should do more to understand where average Americans stand on these issues. Ta. In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Dana Bash told Lawler, one of the few House Republicans who supports legislation protecting in vitro […]