Dave Brat Calls on Johnson to Develop ‘3-Issue Contract’ with America

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – Former Rep. Dave Blatt (R-Va.) told Breitbart News at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that House Speaker Mike Johnson is speaking with Americans to address the national debt and border issues. He said a “contract on three issues” should be drawn up. Crisis and “endless war”. Breitbart News caught up […]

Chinese Scientists Develop ”Game-Changing” AI-Enabled Military Spy Tech: Report

Researchers in Beijing claim they have made a major “technological breakthrough.” Chinese scientists are said to have developed a new “game-changing” military surveillance technology that will leave enemies on the battlefield with “no place to hide”. South China Morning Post (SCMP). Beijing researchers claim to have made a major “technological breakthrough” and say their technology […]

Biden’s AI plan to develop censorship tools revealed

A report from Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee claimed that Twitter’s censorship of Hunter Biden’s laptop articles in 2020 could soon be possible on an industrial scale. This is thanks to AI tools built with funding from his father’s administration. The report reveals how the Biden administration is spending millions on artificial intelligence research […]

South Korea and Saudi Arabia Sign Deal to Jointly Develop Military Technology

The governments of South Korea and Saudi Arabia have signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly research and develop new weapons technologies, the two countries confirmed on Monday. The deal is the latest expansion in defense cooperation between South Korea and Riyadh, which comes as conservative South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol expands efforts to elevate […]

U.S. consumers may help develop Chinese military equipment

North American consumers may be providing feedback to the communist state on how to improve technology through the purchase of Chinese munitions by state-owned manufacturers. Argus Night Vision is reportedly a Chinese manufacturer of night vision housings and image intensifiers based in Tianjin, China, and sells its products in the United States and Canada. The […]

Thomson Reuters aims to help non-engineers develop AI skills

Andersen Capital Management CIO Peter Andersen discusses the impact of technology on the market, his outlook for Apple, and managing the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes. Thomson Reuters recently announced Generative artificial intelligence (AI) The platform features an “AI Skills Factory” where subject matter experts, who are not engineers or software developers, can safely experiment […]

Rangers’ Ryan Lindgren needs to develop spatial awareness on ice

As for the Rangers, he said of their ability to self-correct, another quality they've developed under Peter Laviolette and his skilled staff of head coaches. 1. Don't look now. But Ryan Lindgren is looking over his shoulder a little more often after last week's No. 55 was crushed like Petr Prucha in three consecutive games […]

US and UK Military Contractors Conspired to Develop Global Censorship Strategy

Newly leaked documents reveal secret efforts by US and UK military contractors to establish a global censorship framework in 2018, according to a new report by the journalists behind Twitter Files That’s what it means. It was released to the public, report Michael Shellenberger, Alex Gutentag, and Matt Taibbi reveal that U.S. and British military […]

ChatGPT chief warns of some ‘superhuman’ skills AI could develop

The CEO of one of the most popular artificial intelligence platforms has warned that AI systems could eventually enable “superhuman persuasion.” Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, which runs the popular ChatGPT platform, said earlier this month that he expected AI to have superhuman powers of persuasion long before it became superhuman in general intelligence. Yes,” […]


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