Israeli excavators discover 2,300-year-old gold ring at City of David site

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Gen Z: Reject coddling and discover your true potential

For at least two generations, the West has raised spoiled, stunted children. Millennials have had maturity problems that their younger counterparts didn’t. Gen Z is even worse. When I criticize the shortcomings of the younger generation, as I state here, it is not out of pride. I am not trying to “catch” them. My ego […]

Discover Plunges After “Shocking” Charge-Off Forecast

One week ago we looked at the latest consumer credit data where we found not one but two flashing red alerts: First, the total amount of credit card debt hit a new all time high, which however was to be expected from one of the most consistently increasing series across all US economic data, and […]

Scientists discover large, ‘cotton candy-like’ planet with unusually low density

Astronomers have discovered an exoplanet larger than Jupiter but incredibly light, like cotton candy. The planet, named WASP-193b, has an unusually low density compared to gas giants like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Lead author Khalid Barkaoui of MIT described the planet as “super fluffy” because it is composed primarily of light gas rather than […]

Texas Officials Discover 23 Illegal Immigrants Allegedly Concealed Inside Trailer

Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) officials on Friday discovered 23 illegal immigrants allegedly hiding inside a flatbed trailer, according to video footage. During an Operation Lone Star traffic stop in La Salle County at approximately 9 a.m., the driver of a “white truck tractor pulling a flatbed trailer” struck a commercial vehicle on IH […]

Driver Shocked to Discover He Escaped Baltimore Bridge Minutes Before Collapse

A motorist was shocked to learn he narrowly escaped almost certain tragedy by crossing the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, just minutes before its catastrophic collapse. A cargo ship crashed into one of the bridge’s supports early Tuesday morning. Amid speculation, Baltimore Police Chief Richard Walley has declared that there is “no indication” […]