TSA Discovers Bag of Snakes in Passenger’s Pants at Miami Airport

A passenger was caught stowaway in his pants at Miami International Airport, according to the TSA. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials reported on April 26 that they found a bag containing a snake hidden in a man’s pants at a checkpoint. a police officer called In a post to X, TSA said U.S. Customs and […]

Study Discovers Link Between Men With Infertility, Families’ Cancer Risk

Family members of men diagnosed with infertility may be at increased risk for certain cancers (typical) New Delhi: Family members of men diagnosed with infertility may be at increased risk of certain cancers, including those of the colon and testicles, a new study has found. Men who experience infertility are known to be more likely […]

Metal detectorist discovers 400-year-old battle gear in Poland

Recently, metal detectorists discovered 400-year-old military artifacts while roaming a field last month. Youtuber Patryk Chmielewski who posts videos under the username Profesor Detektorysta, I photographed myself walking through a dirt field in Mikułowice, Poland, in March. He set up a camera and started digging when the metal detector suddenly started going off. Soon Chmielewski […]

Israel Discovers Weapons Cache in Maternity Ward of Gaza’s Shifa Hospital

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Sunday released photos of a cache of heavy weapons discovered by soldiers in the maternity ward during an ongoing anti-terrorist operation inside Gaza’s Shifa Hospital. As Breitbart News reported, the IDF cleared the hospital in November and discovered numerous horror tunnels there. Once the hospital left, more terrorists came […]

TikTok couple discovers secret room behind bookcase in their home

A couple discovered a secret room in the house they lived in years ago, sparking social media and several theories about how the previous occupants used the space. TikTok user Aurora Blazingstar captured the moment her husband pushed aside part of the wall, revealing a metal door and a small room within the wall. “Oh […]

Rogan discovers EVs can cause more pollution than gas cars

Comedian Joe Rogan was clearly surprised to learn that electric cars can have a bigger negative impact on the environment than gas-powered cars. Rogan, who said he actually went to the recording session in an electric car, said in the episode: 2119 In the book he just read, The Joe Rogan Experience, he says that […]

9-year-old ‘bug expert’ discovers and captures super-rare pink grasshopper

A bit of luck has befallen a young insect expert. A 9-year-old girl and an ambitious veterinarian from Arkansas discovered and captured a unique pink grasshopper, so rare that the chance of finding this insect is only 1%. Madeline Landecker made the ultra-rare discovery last Thursday while walking to the barn at her home in […]

NASA discovers possibly habitable ‘super-Earth’

Far! NASA has discovered a potentially habitable “super Earth.” It is “only” 137 light years away. “Not that bad by astronomical standards!” The agency claimed X About the planet called TOI-715 b. The planet is about 1.5 times the size of Earth and completes a full orbit, or “one year,” in just 19 days. NASA […]