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Disneyland Braces for Massive Strike as Cast Members Struggle to Make a Living

Visitors to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, may soon be greeted by picket lines as the main union representing the park’s 14,000 cast members prepares to hold a strike authorization vote amid contract negotiations. The showdown comes as Disneyland cast members continue to publicly air their dissatisfaction with their wages, saying Disney executives live like kings […]

20 Disneyland park goers stuck at top of roller coaster when ride malfunctions

Passengers on the Incredicoaster at Disneyland’s California Adventure park were forced to wait more than an hour after the ride was stuck running on Sunday. About 1:30 p.m., 20 guests needed to be rescued after the roller coaster stalled midway. The temperature outside in Anaheim, California, was about 83 degrees at the time, according to […]

20 people rescued from Disneyland Calif. Incredicoaster

A group of thrill-seekers got more than what they paid for at Disney’s California Adventure Park on Sunday. As the state was hit by extreme heat, 20 people at an amusement park were trapped on a roller coaster for more than an hour after it stopped dead in its tracks around 1:30 p.m. Disneyland employees […]

Disneyland employee dies after falling off golf cart at California theme park

A longtime employee of California theme park Disneyland has died just two days after falling from a golf cart backstage at the park. Bonnie Mavis Lear, 60, died from injuries sustained in the fall Friday, according to the Orange County coroner. Anaheim Police said in a press release that officers were called to the scene […]

Disneyland employee Bonnye Mavis Lear died after she was thrown from a golf cart: friends

A Disneyland employee was killed in the line of duty after being thrown from a broken-down golf cart that was being driven “recklessly” behind the scenes at the Southern California theme park, friends and authorities said Saturday. Bonnie Mavis Lear, manager of the park’s upscale club, Club 33, suffered serious injuries after hitting her head […]

Disneyland Costumed Performers Vote to Join Labor Union

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) – Disneyland performers who help bring Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and other beloved characters to life at the Southern California resort are in the midst of a three-day voting culmination Saturday. After that, they decided to form a labor union. The Actors Equity Association union said in a statement Saturday that cast members […]

Disneyland slashes ticket prices to just $50 a day — but there’s a catch

Disneyland plans to cut ticket prices to just $50 a day this summer, but there’s a catch. For low prices at theme parks in Anaheim, California, visitors must purchase a 1-park, 3-day ticket that is valid for admission Monday through Thursday only. The entire package costs $149 for children and $249 for adults. That means […]

Brawl Breaks Out at Disneyland as Group of Women Engage in Slap Fight

A video of a slapping fight between two adult women at Disneyland has been posted on the social media site Instagram and is going viral. Two groups of women are seen in a video taken near the Lamplight Lounge at Disney California Adventure. finding Children stood around the stroller and watched.by orange county register. The […]

Wild Disneyland beatdown by mob of moms caught on shocking video

It’s a world of fighting after all. A group of mothers were caught on video punching another woman at California’s Disneyland, but passersby ignored the scuffle as their two young children looked on. Footage of the April 23 riot at Historical Park Posted by Instagram user santaanaproblems At least five mothers, including one clutched in […]