Jhony Brito has solid start for Yankees: ‘easy velocity’

Here’s Friday’s Yankees spring training nugget: Johnny on the spot Expected starting pitcher Johnny Britto threw a three-inning one-run ball to relieve Luis Severino in the event of more injuries in the Yankees rotation. “His fastball has easy velocity and his fastball is easy to control,” said manager Aaron Boone. “For him, it’s about making […]

Americans Think Corporate Media Is Going Easy on Biden

A majority of U.S. voters believe the news media are more tolerant of President Joe Biden and are “less open to questioning him than former President Donald Trump,” according to a new Rasmussen Report poll. there is found. Of the 1,000 U.S. voters polled between Feb. 16-19-20, 51% said the corporate media weren’t very positive […]

There’s no easy fix to Midtown’s post-COVID half-empty offices

Are midtown office buildings half empty or half full? White-collar workers see in-person work five days a week as an option, and real estate investors fear losing billions of dollars and force them to do other things with their properties, from casinos to homes. I’m trying to convince the city to let me. But a […]

8 Super Bowl recipes that are affordable, easy to make, and delicious

Super Bowl Sunday is all about the 3F’s: football, food and fans. The Chiefs and Eagles covered the first F, and SB Nation is here to help with the remaining two. Are you hosting a party this year? Or go to someone’s party? Or are you going to be sweating, kicking your feet, enjoying a […]