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Pro-Life Activist Targeted By Biden Admin Escapes Prison Time

A pro-life advocate targeted by the Biden Department of Justice was sentenced to three years of supervised release Tuesday, avoiding over 10 years in prison. The Tennessee activist, Paul Vaughn, was convicted of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE Act). U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger delivered the sentence five months after […]

Houston, Texas manhunt underway after inmate escapes

In Houston, Texas, a manhunt is underway after a prisoner crawled out of a pipe to escape, held a district attorney’s office officer at knifepoint, and then jumped into a nearby bayou. During a press conference Thursday night, Harris County Sheriff’s Office Chief Philip Bosques said 35-year-old Nigel Thomas Sanders escaped from police custody during […]

Train in Georgia slams into semitruck on video, driver barely escapes

Train hits truck in Georgia Video shows the moment a train struck a large truck on railroad tracks in Bartow County, Georgia, early Tuesday morning. (Photo by Zach Hatcher/Facebook) The truck driver was lucky to survive, having escaped from the cab of his tractor-trailer just before the train struck it. The shocking footage was captured […]

Rodeo bull ‘Party Bus’ escapes Sisters Rodeo show in Oregon, injuring 3

An out-of-control rodeo bull stormed out of an arena in Oregon on Saturday, charging into a crowd of spectators and violently throwing a woman in its path. Chaotic Video Show The escaped animal charged through the 84th Sisters Rodeo and charged at a woman who was wearing a red shirt. The bull, nicknamed “Party Bus,” […]

Lamborghini Smashes Into Nine Parked Cars In Brooklyn, Driver Escapes

A Lamborghini crashed into nine parked cars in Brooklyn on Friday, and the driver fled the scene, according to the New York Post. According to police reports, the driver of the Lamborghini crashed into nine parked cars, creating a chaotic situation, the New York Post reported. reportThe incident happened around 1:20 a.m., and authorities reported […]

2 officers killed, inmate escapes after deadly ambush in France

Two French prison officers were killed and three others seriously injured in an attack on a convoy in Normandy. The attack occurred while prisoner Mohamed Amra was being transferred to Evreux prison following a court hearing in Rouen. The convoy was ambushed on the A154 motorway, resulting in a road closure. Two French prison officers […]

French Prison Guards Killed in Ambush, Convict Mohamed Amra Escapes

A convicted gangster identified as Mohamed Amra was kidnapped from a prison convoy in an “incredibly violent attack” by four gunmen, killing two officers and injuring three others. . Four gunmen in two cars ambushed a convoy of government vehicles transporting convicted criminals from court to prison on Tuesday morning in France.French Le Parisien report […]