New York City teen stabbed to death father, half-brother, and boy’s mother

A New York City teen has been arrested on suspicion of stabbing to death his father, 5-year-old half-brother, and the boy’s mother. Jayden Rivera was arrested Wednesday night. The 19-year-old suspect is charged with murder, manslaughter and possession of a weapon. On Saturday night, Rivera was babysitting her 5-year-old half-brother, Kayden Rivera, police said. The […]

She Was Noisy But Now Only Whispers Father Of Girl Emily Hand Freed By Hamas

Emily was staying at a friend’s house when she was taken hostage by Hamas (AFP) Tel Aviv, Israel: Emily Hand, a 9-year-old girl held hostage by Hamas for 50 days and released, was ordered to remain silent by her captors and now speaks only in whispers, her father told British tabloid The -Said in an […]

Pakistani Father Accused of Killing Teen Girl over Social Media Video

Pakistani police are investigating the murder of a teenage girl who was ordered killed by her village’s council of elders after a video of her dancing with young men was posted on social media. The murder appears to have been an “honor killing” by the victim’s own father. Various sources said the victims were between […]