Arizona construction boss filmed slapping female worker

An Arizona construction company owner has been charged with assault after a shocking video of him slapping a female employee went viral on social media. Brent Michael Hospelhorn, 46, who owns Scottsdale-based construction firm BPH Construction LLP, was charged Thursday with one count of intentional assault with bodily harm. Phoenix court records show. amid violent […]

Where Was HBO Max’s ‘Love and Death’ Filmed?

HBO’s love and death The film follows Candy Montgomery, a Texas housewife who is charged with murdering her best friend Betty Gore (Lily Rabe) after she and Betty’s husband Alan (Jesse Plemons) had an affair in 1980. Based on the true story of Elizabeth Olsen. Almost identical to the story told in the 2022 Hulu […]

6-year-old girl forced to perform sex act on boy while another classmate filmed: Report

Parents of Texas elementary school children are demanding answers after learning that a first-grade girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by another student during class. upon April 19thAn unnamed 6-year-old girl was reportedly shoved under a desk at South Elementary School in Plainview, Texas, forced to have sex by another student, and then raped by another […]

Baby J’ on Netflix Filmed?

John Mulaney is embracing a new reputation with his comeback comedy special for Netflix. John Mulaney: Baby J. baby jayis the comedian’s first comedy special in almost four years, which premiered just this week. Mulaney used this opportunity to talk to the elephant in the room. It’s his recent rehab assignment. Although he hasn’t mentioned […]

Mississippi woman who had sex with dog filmed outside church

A Mississippi woman who was arrested for having sex with a dog and posting a video of the act on social media was first seen in a photo of her puppy snapped before the vicious abuse. Denise Frazier, 19, crashed a car in Myrick, Mississippi last week and was photographed on the side of the […]

Tesla employees shared private ‘scenes of intimacy’ filmed by car cameras: report

Tesla employees have reportedly shared private videos of customers captured by the vehicle’s built-in camera, including “intimate scenes,” “sexual health items,” and clips of drivers approaching sedans completely naked. Did. Nine A former Tesla employee at the electric car maker’s Bay Area office told Reuters Sensitive video clips, one of which is said to have […]

Accused migrant smuggler filmed himself before killing innocents: video

Video obtained by The Washington Post shows an illegal immigrant smuggler being chased by police and driving at over 100 mph when he crashed into the car of an innocent grandmother and granddaughter, killing them both. has been shown to have done so, the victim’s family told the Post. In a video posted to Facebook […]

Where Was ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Filmed?

After three long years, mandalorian It’s finally back with Season 3 of Disney+. And the show still brings great visuals. but mandalorian It actually uses some pretty controversial technology that Star Wars fans have come to hate.While other drastic fantasies like game of thrones Star Wars-like productions shot on location in Spain and Ireland mandalorian […]

Mother who filmed, put vape in baby’s mouth breaks silence

The mother of an 11-month-old boy who was photographed holding an e-cigarette in her mouth broke her silence. She regretted the incident and said she was unaware that she was being filmed at the time. A mother in New South Wales who was filmed laughing while her little boy inhaled smoke from the Ark was […]