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One of Biden’s ‘closest friends’ thinks he should have a ‘complete neurological exam’

President Biden’s biographer revealed Tuesday that one of the president’s “closest confidants” believes the president should undergo a “thorough neurological examination” and make the results public. Chris Whipple, author of the 2023 biography “The Greatest Fight of My Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House,” spoke to CNN’s Abby Phillips on Monday night about a surprising […]

Biden’s new standard: Law for enemies, immunity for friends

Joe Biden Attacked the Supreme Court The Supreme Court ruled last week on President Donald Trump’s immunity, in a brief, nationally televised address in which he said, “We are all equal before the law. No one, not even the President of the United States, is above the law.” [With] Today’s Supreme Court decision on presidential […]

Omer Neutra’s family, friends rally for Gaza hostage’s release

Omer Neutra’s parents have endured 275 days of silence from their son. Orna and Ronen Neutra, of Plainview, New York, have not heard a word from the 22-year-old man since he was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October 7. “It was nine months of waking up every morning hoping that Omer would wake up too,” […]

Georgia school employees and ‘ride or die’ friends in each other’s weddings accused of sexually abusing students

Two Georgia school employees accused of sexually abusing students described themselves as “together for life” friends and were involved in each other’s weddings. Former Calhoun City Schools employee Raylee Gleason was indicted Thursday on two counts of first-degree sexual contact by employee or agent for allegedly having sexual intercourse with two different male students between […]

Longtime Friends of Biden ‘Shocked’ He Didn’t Remember Their Names

Longtime friends of the Biden family were “alarmed” and “shocked” by revelations that President Joe Biden will be cognitively impaired by 2023, according to a bombshell report released on Thursday. New York MagazineOlivia Nuzzi of the White House spoke to Democratic officials, activists and donors who in January began to question whether Biden could run […]

Former Georgia school staffers, best friends accused of sex with students

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Longtime Biden friends say president didn’t remember their names in social settings: Report

Biden holds “crisis meeting” with Democratic governors Fox News Senior White House Correspondent Jackie Heinrich will report on “Special Report” about President Biden’s meeting with Democratic governors and a leaked video of former President Trump criticizing Vice President Kamala Harris. A New York Magazine article published Thursday cited multiple examples showing how President Biden’s declining […]

Biden’s Friends Should Keep Concerns About Him Private

On CNN’s “The Situation Room” broadcast Monday, Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pennsylvania) said that if you’re a friend of President Joe Biden and have concerns about his performance in last week’s debate, “you should reach out to him privately, not say that on national television or put it in the biggest newspaper in the country.” After […]