Vatican Condemns Surrogacy as ‘Grave Violation’ of Human Dignity

ROME — The Vatican has condemned the “deplorable” practice of human surrogacy and called for a universal ban. among them declaration of the title dignitas infinitaThe Vatican’s Doctrinal Secretariat (DDF), published on Monday, said surrogacy reduces children to the status of “mere objects”. The text further condemns “so-called surrogacy,” which disregards human life and turns […]

Israeli Army Admits Aid Worker Deaths Were “Grave Mistake” In Gaza

At least seven aid workers were killed in Israeli military attacks in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. Jerusalem: The Israeli military admitted on Wednesday that it had made a “grave mistake” in airstrikes in Gaza that killed seven aid workers for a US charity. “This incident was a grave mistake,” Israel Defense Forces Chief Helj […]

Kaylee Gain ‘Breathing On Her Own’ After Grave Head Injury During Fight

Kaylee Gein, the Missouri teen whose head was hit on the sidewalk by another girl during a fight, is now stable and breathing on her own, according to her family. Earlier this month, shocking cellphone footage of an altercation took social media by storm, showing a large brawl involving several teenagers near Hazelwood East High […]

JESSE WATTERS: Joe Biden is ‘digging his political grave’

Fox News host Jesse Watters criticized President Biden on Monday about his 2024 campaign and regretted calling the killer of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley “illegal.” said. Watters said he regrets calling undocumented immigrants “illegal” because he would be “complicit” in the crime of inviting them to the United States and protecting them. Biden says […]


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