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Idaho governor announces executive order to tighten up voter registration rules

Idaho Governor Brad Little, a Republican, announced an executive order on Tuesday that will tighten voter registration in the state ahead of this fall’s elections. orderThe bill, called the “Citizens Only Vote Act,” would allow Idaho’s Secretary of State to “take all necessary steps” to prevent non-citizens from registering to vote. “Idaho already has the […]

Idaho Welcomes First Safe Haven Baby Box to Fight Infant Abandonment

The state of Idaho introduced the first Safe Haven Baby Box. Created This is to prevent parents from leaving their newborn babies in dangerous environments, potentially causing them to die. The box, installed at Grove Creek Medical Center, 350 N Meridian in Blackfoot, was officially blessed Tuesday, making it the 245th Safe Haven Baby Box […]

Americans in Idaho cross out parade policy banning religious symbols

The organization that runs the Independence Day parade in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, recently policy It prohibits the display of “symbols associated with a particular political movement, religion, or ideology.” The ban was understood to apply to things like Christian crosses that Americans carry in city streets on the Fourth of July. Coeur d’Alene Area Chamber […]

Supreme Court's Idaho decision deepens abortion uncertainty

The Supreme Court’s rejection of an Idaho challenge to a federal emergency medical law provided temporary relief for doctors and patients in the state but did not end questions about whether federal law allows doctors to perform abortions in medical emergencies. The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 on Thursday to dismiss the case for “rashly approving,” […]

Supreme Court Officially Rules Emergency Abortions In Idaho Are Allowed

House Minority Leader Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) speaks during a press conference with other House Democrats on June 27, 2024, in Washington, D.C. House Democrats are marking two years since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in Dobbs, allowing states to enact restrictions on abortion access. (Photo by Samuel Coram/Getty Images) James Myers of OANThursday, […]

Supreme Court Greenlights Emergency Abortions in Idaho

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday allowed emergency abortions to be performed in a complex Idaho case that was dissented by the court’s conservative justices and could return to the Supreme Court again in the near future. At issue is an Idaho law that bans most abortions but allows them in cases “to prevent the […]

Supreme Court mistakenly posts draft opinion in key Idaho abortion case

The U.S. Supreme Court mistakenly posted a draft of a ruling on a key abortion case on its website on Wednesday, but quickly removed it. The opinion concerns whether hospitals are required to perform abortions in emergencies in Idaho despite state law banning them. Bloomberg News reported that the opinion was briefly posted on its […]

Supreme Court Accidentally Posts Ruling Appearing To Limit Idaho Abortion Ban

The Supreme Court inadvertently posted a copy of a ruling on its website Wednesday in the Biden administration’s challenge to Idaho’s abortion ban, a court spokesperson confirmed. The decision that briefly appeared on the website stated the case would be dismissed as “improvidently granted,” with the majority ruling to reinstate a lower court order allowing […]

REPORT: Idaho Man Slays Grizzly Bear To Protect Girlfriend

A man in Island Park, Idaho, shot and killed a grizzly bear who charged his girlfriend in front of their home, according to authorities. The couple was returning home June 6. They exited the vehicle and walked toward their house. The girlfriend then screamed as she saw a bear running toward her, according to a press […]