Canadian Cancer Society Renames Cervix as ‘Front Hole’ to Include Trans People

Canada’s largest cancer charity has apologised to the transgender community for using the word “cervix” instead of “foramen” to refer to the female reproductive organs. The Canadian Cancer Society has received backlash after lamenting the “significant barriers” “transgender, non-binary and gender diverse people” supposedly face in getting screened for cervical cancer, including the dreaded correct […]

Penalties for Hunter Biden’s Alleged Gun Crimes Include Jail Time

Hunter Biden’s trial on three gun charges begins Tuesday, and penalties for some of the charges include prison time and heavy fines. NBC News I got it. “Two of the charges charge that Hunter Biden filled out paperwork stating he was not using illegal drugs when he purchased a Colt Cobra revolver in October 2018,” […]

Kansas Constitution doesn’t include right to vote: state high court majority

The Kansas Supreme Court on Friday ruled on multiple challenges to a 2021 election law, siding with state officials on some provisions while reviving challenges to others and signaling that at least one may be halted before this year’s general election. But the majority opinion on the ballot signature verification bill said the right to […]

Summer fun barbecue essentials include grills, thrills and more

Get ready to celebrate this summer with great grill and accessory ideas. (iStock) Memorial Day weekend is a time to honor American military personnel who have given their lives in service to their country, and it also marks the unofficial start of the summer season. When you’re getting ready to host friends and family in […]

Hispanic Caucus Opposes Biden-Backed Bill for Failing to Include Amnesty

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has vowed to oppose President Joe Biden’s immigration expansion bill, saying it does not include amnesty for millions of undocumented immigrants. On Monday, Biden called on Congress to pass legislation that would increase the number of green cards given to foreign nationals, expedite work authorization for migrants and allow for encounters […]

NYC’s best new selfies include ‘Alice in Wonderland’ flowers

Forget Washington Street in Dumbo or the top of the Edge. This sunny city is full of new, exciting and photogenic spots for photos that aren’t yet on Instagram. From bars to beaches, these venues offer fun day and night outings, and even more opportunities for social media fodder. please look. “Wonderland: Curious Nature” at […]