Artificial intelligence is big, but are companies hiring for AI roles too fast?

Companies like Walmart, Delta, and Starbucks may be using artificial intelligence to eavesdrop on your work messages. FOX Business Lydia Hu has the latest information. Since the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, all the hype around generative artificial intelligence has had companies scrambling to hire talent who know how to implement and leverage the rapidly evolving […]

Speaker Johnson launches bipartisan artificial intelligence ‘task force’

House Speaker Mike Johnson is launching a formal “task force” to consider how the United States can remain competitive in artificial intelligence (AI) while managing the risks of rapidly evolving technology. “Advances in artificial intelligence have the potential to rapidly transform our economy and society, so we need Congress to work together in a bipartisan […]

White House dodges on ‘serious national security threat’ after House Intelligence Committee sounds alarm

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan dodged questions about the “grave national security threat” that President Biden’s administration notified Congress of on Wednesday. The House Intelligence Committee told all members on Wednesday that it had briefed leaders on the situation, and Chairman Mike Turner called on Biden to declassify information about threats to the […]

House Intelligence chair says Congress has been made aware of ‘serious national security threat’

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner (R-Ohio) warned on Wednesday that members of Congress are receiving “information regarding significant national security threats.” “I urge President Biden to declassify all information related to this threat so that Congress, the administration, and our allies can openly discuss the actions needed to address this threat,” […]


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