‘Dangers of Biden’s energy policies’ shredded in internal House GOP election memo

First appeared on FOX: According to an internal House Republican memo obtained by Fox News Digital, President Biden’s energy policy will be a major challenge for Republicans as they seek to maintain their majority in November. The 175-member Republican Study Committee, led by Rep. Kevin Hahn (R-Okla.), sent committee members a list of talking points […]

Biden Backs Internal Revolt in Netanyahu Government over Postwar Gaza

President Joe Biden is backing a revolt within Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government over the fate of the post-war Gaza Strip, after Defense Minister Yoav Gallant vowed to oppose long-term Israeli rule. In an unexpected televised speech, Gallant said he opposed Israeli military or civilian rule in post-Hamas Gaza and wanted it to be ruled […]

Internal discussions and testing showed possibility of contamination

Several mothers in a St. Louis suburb are working to clean up toxic areas in their area. This is a major undertaking to remediate widespread contamination that some government officials have apparently covered up for decades. “This was St. Louis’ biggest secret. The Manhattan Project was a little-known here, and it’s still a pretty big […]

Biden admin pressured Snopes to change its fact-check rating on rumored gas stove ban, internal emails show

Exclusive: Biden administration officials successfully pressured fact-checking website Snopes to change its assessment of a potential federal ban on gas stoves, according to internal communications. In early January 2023, Snopes issued a “mixed” rating on claims that the Biden administration was considering banning gas stoves, citing comments from senior officials who oversee product regulation. Just […]

Google cracks down on internal message board over Israel-Gaza debate

Google plans to crack down on posts on a popular company bulletin board in a bid to quell heated employee debate over the ongoing Israel-Gaza war. The Silicon Valley-based tech giant’s internal message board Memegen, a tool used for 14 years to defuse issues such as complaints against bosses, has been filled with frustration following […]

NBC News faces internal blowback from decision to cut Ronna McDaniel

The effects of NBC News’ decision to bow to internal outrage and sever ties with Ronna McDaniel are already taking shape. as a semaphore reporta “backlash against a backlash” has begun, and rank-and-file journalists, those at NBC News who aren’t upset about McDaniel joining the network, are feeling the heat. “Political journalists here did not […]