UN Political Mission In Iraq To End By 2025 After Over 20 Years

The mission was established in 2003 by a resolution of the United Nations Security Council. united nations: The UN Security Council unanimously decided on Friday, at Baghdad’s request, that the UN political mission in Iraq will withdraw from the country at the end of 2025 after more than two decades in office. Earlier this month, […]

John Kirby likens Israeli airstrike that killed civilians to US bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan

WASHINGTON — Amid international condemnation after airstrikes in the Gaza Strip reportedly killed dozens of civilians, White House spokesman John Kirby defended Israel, saying the U.S. military “has done the same thing.” “We have carried out airstrikes in places like Iraq and Afghanistan that have caused tragic civilian casualties,” he said, adding that the US […]

Notorious people smuggler wanted in Europe arrested in northern Iraq

One of Europe’s most notorious people smugglers was arrested Monday in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq, security officials said. Local government security authorities said they had arrested Barzan Majeed, known as “Scorpion”, in Sulaymaniyah district “after an exchange of intelligence information” based on a request from Interpol. Turkey launches new airstrikes in northern […]

5 Facts About Iraq TikTok Star Om Fahad Who Was Shot Dead Outside Her Home

Om Fahd lived in the Zoyuna neighborhood in eastern Baghdad, where he was killed. New Delhi: Iraqi TikTok star Om Fahd was shot dead by an unidentified assailant in front of his home in Baghdad on Saturday. Surveillance camera footage taken from the scene of the attack shows the attacker arriving near the content creator’s […]

Iraq Passes Bill Criminalising Same-Sex Relations, Jail Upto 15 Years

“This is a domestic issue and we will not accept any interference in Iraq’s affairs.” Iraq: Iraq’s parliament on Saturday passed a bill criminalizing same-sex relationships, which human rights groups condemned as an “attack on human rights.” Transgender people will be sentenced to three years in prison under the proposed amendments to the 1988 Anti-Prostitution […]

US Troops Targeted At Base In Western Iraq, Second Attack Since February 4

“This is the second attack on U.S. forces since February 4,” the official said (according to a representative). Baghdad, Iraq: US forces have targeted bases in western Iraq, US defense officials said on Tuesday, the second attack on the country’s troops in more than two months. It followed another attack over the weekend in which […]

Five Rockets Launched From Iraq Towards US Base In Syria

The Pro-Trump News homepage sees 60 new headlines every 24 hours. Click here to take a look. A rocket was fired at a US military base in northeastern Syria. The rocket was fired from Zumar, Iraq. Reuters reported: At least five rockets were fired from the Iraqi town of Zumar toward a U.S. military base […]

CENTCOM denies US behind Iraq air strike

U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) has refuted reports that the U.S. launched airstrikes in Iraq after an explosion at a military base killed a member of the Iraqi security forces. CENCTOM said Friday night that it was “aware of reports claiming that the United States carried out airstrikes in Iraq today.” post “Those reports are not […]