Why North Korea’s Satellite Launch Exploded In Fireball Minutes After Taking Off

Pyongyang, North Korea: North Korea’s latest satellite launch exploded into a fireball and fell into the Yellow Sea just minutes after liftoff, but analysts said the attempt marked another advance in the nuclear-armed nation’s space race. North Korea said its latest attempt to launch a military reconnaissance satellite failed on Monday during the first flight […]

North Korea Says Its Latest Satellite Launch Exploded In Flight

North Korea successfully put its first reconnaissance satellite into orbit in November. (File) Seoul/Tokyo: North Korea said on Monday that an attempt to launch a new military reconnaissance satellite had failed when a newly developed rocket engine exploded in flight. The attempt came just hours after North Korea warned it would launch a satellite by […]

North Korea’s launch of a second military spy satellite fails

North Korea said a recent attempt to launch a new rocket purportedly carrying a second military reconnaissance satellite failed after an engine exploded in flight and the rocket crashed into nearby sea. North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency announced that it had launched a satellite aboard a new rocket from a space center in […]

East Asian Leaders To Meet Amid North Korea Satellite Launch Plans

The South Korean president, Chinese premier and Japanese prime minister are due to meet on Monday. Seoul: The leaders of South Korea, China and Japan are due to meet in Seoul on Monday for the first three-way summit in nearly five years after nuclear-armed North Korea announced plans to put a new satellite into orbit. […]

North Korea Says Plans To Launch Satellite By June 4: Japanese Media

North Korea, which possesses nuclear weapons, launched its first reconnaissance satellite in November last year (image). Seoul, South Korea: North Korea has notified Japan of its plans to launch a satellite by June 4, Japanese media reported on Monday, citing the Japan Coast Guard. In response, South Korea’s government said Pyongyang was preparing to put […]

Burger King to launch $5 value meal ahead of McDonald’s: report

Burger King, a subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International, will launch a $5 meal set ahead of McDonald’s. Bloomberg News reported. Thursday, citing an internal company memo, as the burger wars escalate. Fast-food chains across the U.S. are struggling to attract customers as rising living costs lead to more people eating at home, leading them to […]

Dwyane Wade to Launch Online Community for Transgender Children

Former Miami Heat shooting guard and NBA Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade announced this week that he is launching a new online community called “Translatable” to support transgender kids. Wade announced Translatable when he received the Elevate Prize Catalyst Award at the Elevate Prize Foundation’s Make Good Famous Summit. During the awards ceremony, Wade said […]

Maldives To Soon Launch India’s RuPay Services To “Bolster Maldivian Rufiyaa”

A launch date has not been announced. Man: Despite the turmoil in bilateral relations, the Maldives is set to soon launch India’s RuPay services, which a senior minister said will “strengthen the Maldivian rufiyaa.” RuPay, a product of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), is the first in India of the company’s global card […]

Sunita Williams’ Piloted Starliner’s Debut Crew Launch To Space Pushed To June

The Starliner spacecraft will be launched into space on an Atlas 5 rocket. Washington DC: The US space agency NASA announced on Thursday that the first manned launch to the International Space Station (ISS) of Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft, piloted by Indian-born Sunita Williams, is targeted for June 1. . Mission managers from NASA, Boeing, and […]