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Manhattan DA Proves Left-Wing Activists Are Above the Law in New York

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes Nobody is above the law in America, we’ve been informed. That is, nobody is above the law unless he breaks the law on behalf of left-wing causes. Then it doesn’t count. That’s what was revealed Friday when Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg dropped charges against 30 anti-Israel protesters who ransacked […]

France’s disastrous left-wing victory – Washington Examiner

In a surprise triumph over the populist National Rally, France’s left-wing political alliance came first in Sunday’s final round of parliamentary elections. The New Popular Front coalition of leftists won 182 seats, President Emmanuel Macron’s party won 168 seats, and the National Rally and its allies won 143 seats. Many in the Western media are […]

France’s leftwing alliance beat the far right, but what now? – podcast | News

Last week, France entered a frightening new era with Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party’s historic victory in the first round of parliamentary elections, the most unprecedented victory for a far-right party in France since World War II. But then the fight back began: France’s left-wing parties, from the Greens to the Socialists, banded together […]

Rioters Take To The Streets Celebrating France’s Left-Wing Win

Rioters were seen on video taking to the streets of France on Sunday following opinion polls predicting an unexpected landslide victory for France’s left-wing coalition, the New Popular Front (NPF). Video posted on Twitter showed the violent moments when an estimated 30,000 riot police were deployed across France, including around 5,000 in Paris and surrounding […]

Left-Wing New Republic Urges Biden to ‘Step Down’ for ‘Sake of the Planet’

President Joe Biden must step down “for the sake of the planet,” a recent report says. New Republic The article focuses on the “rambling octogenarian”‘s struggles in the debates and raises questions about Democratic leadership ahead of the November election, while warning of a “crisis of untold proportions” that could result from Democrats “continuing to […]