Have the Republicans lost their marbles?

Perhaps the stupidest thing I've ever seen a Republican do in my long life was voting to expel former Rep. George Santos (R.N.Y.) from the party. There is no need to praise Santos' character or excuse his fraud, or recognize that he, like many Democrats remaining in Congress, was as worthy of his previous office. […]

Diamond Ring Worth Rs 6.7 Crore Lost In Luxury Paris Hotel Found In A…

The precious ring includes a 6.51 carat diamond and two platinum baguettes. Precious ring worth 750,000 yen Pound (Rs 6,73,57,500) tA hat that went missing at the Ritz, a luxury hotel in Paris, was found inside a vacuum cleaner. BBC report. Of note, this precious ring includes his 6.51 carat diamond and his two platinum […]

‘People Have Lost Their Lives’ Due to Biden Mistakes

Lara Trump, a senior campaign adviser to the former president, appeared on the show. Breitbart News Saturday There she spoke about 2024 and the need to defeat President Joe Biden. Since Joe Biden took office in 2020, the world has spiraled out of control, with too much destruction to count, from the poor Afghanistan withdrawal […]

Megyn Kelly says Trump has lost ‘multiple steps’ mentally

Megyn Kelly said former President Trump has lost “many steps” mentally and is no longer the same person he was in 2016. The podcast host and former Fox News anchor said the 77-year-old former president is starting to show his age, and it's not pretty. “There's no question that Mr. Trump has lost a step […]

Female Cyclist Who Lost to Men Claims Trans Competitors Make Sports Stronger

A woman who placed third in a Chicago cycling competition is slamming those who accused her two male-born transgender opponents of cheating who beat her. Kristen Chalmers, who placed third in the women's single speed division at last week's Illinois Cyclocross Championships, is one of two transgender cyclists who race as a team and win […]

On getting lost in the stacks

I am someone who frequently wanders through library stacks. I lost count of the hours I spent wandering between bookshelves, looking at the spines, reciting the titles, and sometimes pulling books out of their places to examine the covers. Sometimes I open it randomly and dip into the endless sea of ​​words, hoping for some […]