Texas Supreme Court rejects challenge to state abortion ban’s medical exceptions

The Texas Supreme Court on Friday dismissed a case challenging the state’s abortion ban on medical exceptions. The court ruled against a group of women who suffered serious pregnancy complications, making them the first women in the nation to testify in court about being denied access to abortions since Roe v. Wade was overturned in […]

Texas Supreme Court rejects challenge to abortion ban over medical exceptions

The Texas Supreme Court unanimously rejected a challenge to the state’s near-total abortion ban, ruling Friday that there is no need to clarify the law’s medical exceptions. Texas bans abortion in almost all circumstances, but the court’s nine Republican justices ruled that a medical exception allows doctors to perform the procedure even if a woman […]

UCLA medical school paid first-year students to write left-wing course requirements

EXCLUSIVE — The University of California, Los Angeles medical school solicited first-year medical students for a paid position writing curriculums for courses in their “Structural Racism and Health Equity” mandatory classes. In documents obtained through a public records request from the medical advocacy group Do No Harm, the medical school was recruiting “tutors” to “create […]

Mike Tyson Reveals Health Status After ‘Medical Scare’

For those who thought Mike Tyson’s health scare would mar his highly anticipated fight with YouTuber Jake Paul in July, those fears appear to be unfounded. A day after news broke that the former heavyweight champion had suffered a “health incident” on a flight to Los Angeles, Tyson took his X on Tuesday afternoon to […]

Mike Tyson suffers medical emergency on airplane in Miami

According to witnesses, Mike Tyson suffered an apparent medical emergency during a flight from Miami to Los Angeles, just seven weeks before his Netflix boxing match. The flight had reportedly already been delayed by two hours because of weather in Miami that made the cabin too hot, and Tyson was seen boarding and disembarking the […]

Boxer Mike Tyson ‘doing great’ after medical emergency

(News Nation) — former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson He reportedly experienced health concerns during a flight on Sunday but is now “in good spirits.” The 57-year-old boxing legend suffered a medical emergency while flying from Miami and Los Angeles on Sunday. Stay in touch report. Tyson to face social media influencer Jake Paul According […]

Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Suffers Medical Emergency During Flight

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson suffered a medical emergency during a flight from Miami to Los Angeles this past Sunday, Los Angeles Times reported. Tyson experienced nausea and dizziness due to an ulcer flare-up approximately 30 minutes before the plane landed, according to a statement released to Los Angeles Times. The 57-year-old boxer received […]

Mike Tyson Suffers Medical Scare on Flight Ahead of Jake Paul Fight

Boxing champion Mike Tyson suffered a health crisis on a flight to Los Angeles on Sunday ahead of his fight with Jake Paul. According to his agent, the boxer Ulcer recurrence, New York Post report. “Thankfully, Mr Tyson is in good condition,” a representative for the star said. “30 minutes before landing, his ulcer worsened, […]