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Mandy Moore is pregnant with her and Taylor Goldsmith’s third baby

Mandy Moore is pregnant with her third baby. In the future we will be a family of five! Mandy Moore announces her pregnancy Friday’s Instagram post“Sometimes life imitates art,” she told her followers. In the caption, the actress wrote about the time when her character, Rebecca Pearson, on “This Is Us,” was raising two sons […]

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore establishes statewide gun violence prevention center

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore, a Democrat, signed a bill earlier this week creating the first statewide gun violence prevention center. The project is called the Firearm Violence Prevention and Intervention Center and will be operated within the Maryland Department of Health. Its mission is to “strengthen and better coordinate Maryland’s public health approach to preventing […]

Riley Moore tromps opponents in heated West Virginia Republican House primary

West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore easily won a hotly contested Republican primary in his home state and will likely head to Congress after the November general election. At the time the race was called by The Associated Press, Moore led the closest of his four opponents by more than 25 points. Former Air Force Brigadier […]