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Utah No Longer Majority Mormon, New Research Suggests

Utah is no longer a Mormon majority state. new paper The estimates were published this month in the Journal of Religion and Demography. Since its founding, most Utah residents have been members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). Currently, less than half (42%) identify as members. according to ABC4 reports on […]

Over 50 Mormon churchgoers suffer carbon monoxide poisoning during service

More than 50 members of a Mormon congregation in Utah suffered symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning during a service this weekend. At least 54 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints meetinghouse in Monroe, Utah, reported symptoms, but only 49 required medical treatment, according to NBC News. The church believes the cause […]

Mormon Leaders Accused Of Concealing Widespread Sexual Abuse And Incest Within The Church

Accusations have surfaced against Mormon church leaders of covering up a widespread sexual abuse crisis, according to a report published by the Daily Mail Sunday. These allegations were brought to light by the victims and corroborated by an organization. report From Daily Mail. The revelations include testimonies from girls who were severely abused, encouraged to […]

Mormon church accused of using donations to pad $175M investment fund

The Mormon Church is being sued by three members who claim donations totaling $348,000 were used to inflate the church’s $175 billion investment fund rather than for the charitable purposes they had been led to believe. ing. The plaintiffs say in a bombshell lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in Salt Lake City that their […]

Mormon mom Spring Thibaudeau arrested after taking son, 16, to Alaska because she thought he was ‘chosen by God in Second Coming of Christ’

A Mormon mother has been arrested after fleeing a Phoenix suburb believing her 16-year-old son was chosen by God in the second coming of Christ. Spring Thibodeau and her brother Brooke Hale were arrested Friday on full extradition warrants from the Maricopa County, Arizona, Attorney’s Office. Thibaudeau was charged with two felony counts of interference […]