Squatter nation – Washington Examiner

In New York City, a grandson found his mother’s dead body, beaten by squatters, in an apartment of his recently deceased grandmother. In Atlanta, an Army officer away serving on active duty had her home possessed by a convicted drug dealer. In Jacksonville, a property owner had a brick thrown at her car by two […]

Martin Scorcese Partners With Fox Nation For New Religious Series

Martin Scorsese has teamed up with Fox Nation on a religious docudrama project titled The Saints, which follows the journeys of eight men and women as they embark on a life of sainthood. The legendary director is fresh off the success of The Killers of the Flower Moon and shows no signs of slowing down. […]

California leads nation in unemployment after slower job growth than anticipated

FOX News Senior National Correspondent William La Jeunesse writes a “Special Report” on proposed changes to California’s electricity rates. California now has the highest unemployment rate in the nation after new data revealed the Golden State’s job growth in 2023 will be much lower than previously thought. Data from the state Employment Development Department It […]

Israel a ‘Moral Nation’; Any Other Would ‘Level’ Terrorist Enemy

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Kr. said in an interview published Tuesday that Israel is a “moral nation,” supported Israel’s response to Hamas terrorists, and criticized President Joe Biden’s anti-Israel tendencies. opposed. The interview was conducted by Reuters. jerusalem post officeKennedy expressed concern about the humanitarian costs of war against Palestinian civilians, but said […]

Council to nominate new Haitian leader forms as gang violence consumes nation

Eight members have been named to the council that will select an interim successor to Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry. It turns out that Haiti is effectively under gang control since Henry is banned from re-entering the country after traveling abroad. Gangs set fire to police stations, threatened international airports and released more than 4,000 […]

How the most powerful nation lost control of its borders: former ICE director

The United States faces an ongoing crisis at its southern border, now in its third year. There have been many surges of migrants to the U.S.-Mexico border in recent history, but never on such a large scale or as sustained. Republicans say the crisis is a direct result of the Biden administration’s policies. But Democrats […]

CO May Become First in Nation to Build Separate Cells for Trans Inmates

Colorado may soon be forced to hold transgender women in prisons due to a lawsuit filed in 2019. It is certainly possible that isolated cells for specific individuals will be set up, Fox News reported. report Saturday. The outlet continued: After several transgender inmates filed a class action lawsuit against the Colorado Department of Corrections […]

US Sends Anti-Terrorism Troops To Haiti As Nation Spirals Into Chaos Under Gang Rule

The United States is sending anti-terrorism forces to Haiti as the country continues to descend into violence and chaos. Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry will resign on Tuesday following months of gang violence that has paralyzed Port-au-Prince’s key infrastructure and economic stability, fueled political instability and wreaked havoc on civilian life. agreed. according to to […]


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