Nevada wildlife mystery solved, suspected wolves were actually coyotes

The verdict is in. Nevada’s latest wildlife mystery solved. Scientists began trekking through the snow near the Idaho line to gather evidence like detectives searching for a suspect, hoping to determine that the three animals discovered during a helicopter survey in March were not wolves. They relied on fecal and fur samples collected during the […]

Numerous Voter ‘Irregularities’ Exposed in Nevada

Numerous Nevada voters discovered on Sunday that there were worrisome errors in their voting history. Nevada was also one state with evidence of mass election fraud in the 2020 election. Nevada’s Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar is a Democrat, and the state has a history now of sketchy election proceedings. Can we trust Aguilar when […]

Ad Rips Nevada GOP Senate Candidate Jeff Gunter as ‘Con Man’

In its latest ad, pro-Sam Brown super PAC Duty First Nevada slams Jeff Gunter, one of Brown’s opponents in the Republican Senate primary, as a “fraud.” The ad (a YouTube link obtained by Breitbart News before publication) criticized Gunter, a dermatologist, for selling his anti-wrinkle serum in a late-night infomercial. Breitbart News reported Monday that […]

Nevada GOP Senate Candidate Appeared in Infomercials Selling Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Dr. Jeff Gunter, a wealthy dermatologist who claims to be an “America First” candidate and is running for the Nevada Senate, said at some point in his youth that he was exposed to an anti-wrinkle serum. At least one man was promoting it in a sketchy late-night infomercial selling it. In the lawsuit, he said […]

Nuclear waste at center of testy Nevada Senate race

Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sam Brown has come under fire from Democrats for comments he made in 2022 expressing support for the federal government’s plan to store nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain. Nevada lawmakers of both parties have criticized a federal plan to turn an isolated southwestern Nevada mountain, about 90 miles northwest of Las […]

Man convicted of kidnapping girlfriend, suffocating her in Nevada desert

A Pennsylvania man who authorities say killed his girlfriend in the Nevada desert has been sentenced. A jury in the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada on Wednesday found John Matthew Chapman, 44, guilty of one count of kidnapping resulting in death, according to court records. He faces a possible life sentence at […]

Nevada couple reunited with missing cat after 5 years and a 1,200 mile trip

A Nevada couple received their own “miracle” when they were somehow reunited with their lost cat in Arkansas, more than 1,200 miles away. Cindy and Jeff Hall were shocked five years ago when their rescue cat, Russian blue Sam, went missing from their old Arizona mansion. “We had him for seven years and then one […]