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Paralyzed puppy walks again thanks to 3D printed spine

A paralyzed puppy has been given a “second chance at life” and is now able to walk again after his spine was fixed with 3D printed screws. Arthur, a six-month-old cockapoo, suddenly developed weakness in his legs and collapsed, becoming unable to move. His owner, Natalie Jones, rushed him to Chester Gates Veterinary Hospital in […]

The best large-breed puppy food of 2024, per veterinarians

If you share or purchase this content, The New York Post may earn revenue from affiliate and advertising partnerships. Not only can large breed puppies be tiny, scary creatures when they move around, but they also have special nutritional needs that require our full attention. We’re always on the lookout for the best chew toys […]

Chynna Phillips joined 12-step program after self reflection: ‘I am one sick puppy’

China Phillips is embracing change one step at a time. After much consideration, Phillips, 56, decided it was time to join a 12-step program and chose Al-Anon. “The rumors are true. I definitely went to a 12-step program,” Phillips said while chatting with fans on “California Preachin’.” YouTube Series“I was in a 12-step program years […]

Trump downplays Kristi Noem’s puppy shooting firestorm

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem may have taken a big chance after all. Former President Donald Trump defended Nomu from the uproar that erupted after she said in her memoir that she had shot and killed a 14-month-old wire-haired pointer named Cricket. “Until this week, she was doing incredibly well, but she was hit hard. […]

House lawmakers form ‘Dog Lovers Caucus’ in dig at Kristi Noem’s puppy kill

If only Cricket had been alive to see this. A group of members of Congress have crossed the paw-philanthropist line to form the Dog Lovers Alliance, with the aim of promoting good relationships between men (and women) who adore man’s best friend. The group’s formation is also an apparent attack on South Dakota’s Republican governor, […]

Kristi Noem kills puppy, unites America 

Kristi Noem will not serve as vice president. But history will remember her as one of the most unifying politicians of her generation. In her new autobiography, she Number 2 in 2 years …. Who knew there was so much going on in South Dakota? — Noem tell a story A 14-month-old puppy was killed […]