Tony Bobulinski’s Lawyer Slams Jamie Raskin’s Effort To ‘Smear And Defame’ His Client In The Press

A lawyer representing Hunter Biden’s former business partner sent a letter Wednesday to House Oversight and Accountability Committee Ranking Member Jamie Raskin, saying the congressman had “defamed” his client through the press. He accused her of trying to “defame his reputation.” Ruskin wrote on Tuesday: letter mock Tony Bobulinski’s action inside Interview on February 13th […]

Bill Barr Dispels Democrat Jamie Raskin’s Claim DOJ Ended Bribery Probe

Former Attorney General William Barr has dismissed claims by House Oversight Committee senior member Jamie Ruskin (D-Medical) that the Justice Department has closed an alleged $5 million bribery investigation linked to President Joe Biden. Denied. In defense of Joe Biden, Ruskin claimed The Trump administration has repeatedly resolved informants’ allegations that there was an arrangement […]

Barr rebuts Raskin’s claim that Biden bribery probe ended

Former Attorney General Bill Barr says the Justice Department “closed its investigation” in 2020 into allegations that President Biden was involved in a $5 million bribery scheme during the Obama administration, Rep. Jamie Ruskin (D, Md.) ) refuted the allegations of White House. “That’s not true. It wasn’t closed,” Barr said. told the Federalist An […]