Tony Bobulinski’s Lawyer Slams Jamie Raskin’s Effort To ‘Smear And Defame’ His Client In The Press

A lawyer representing Hunter Biden’s former business partner sent a letter Wednesday to House Oversight and Accountability Committee Ranking Member Jamie Raskin, saying the congressman had “defamed” his client through the press. He accused her of trying to “defame his reputation.”

Ruskin wrote on Tuesday: letter mock Tony Bobulinski’s action inside Interview on February 13th Mr. Bobulinski, along with investigators, argued:presented no evidence “Misconduct by President Biden” or “Any President Biden involved his familyly business transaction. ” Bobulinski’s attorney, Stefan Passantino, refuted Raskin’s claims.Mr. Raskin’s Feb. 20 statement was the focus of the case, claiming that his client provided sufficient evidence during the interview to support allegations that Joe Biden was illegally involved in his son’s business dealings. This contradicts the claims in the letter. ABC news article Contains at least one factual error.

“I have received your communication dated February 20, 2024, which appears to have been shared with ABC News for the purpose of defaming and defaming my client before being sent to me. My Client. In his opening statement, Tony Bobulinski told members of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees to set aside his partisan identity for a moment and focus on the facts Bobulinski is being asked to provide. “You and your colleagues have completely failed that test, missed the moment, and disqualified the American people,” Passantino said in a letter to Raskin.

“When you or anyone else disingenuously claims that Mr. Bobulinski has ‘provided no evidence of any wrongdoing by President Biden’ or ‘has provided no evidence of any involvement by President Biden.’ “I am shocked and disgusted that anyone would question his motives, patriotism, and integrity,” he continued, “and his family’s business dealings.” “You know this is false, and now that the transcript of Mr. Bobulinski’s testimony has been released by the House Oversight Committee and the Judiciary Committee, the American people know for themselves that your claims are false. You can see it with your own eyes.” (Related: Tony Bobulinski’s lawyer accuses Democrats of ‘disingenuous misunderstandings’ for defending Hunter)

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Bobulinski testified that China succeeded in “infiltrating and compromising” the Biden family and President Obama through Hunter Biden’s business dealings, and said that during a period of his life when he was involved in business with Hunter, China was able to successfully “infiltrate and compromise” the Biden family and President Obama. provided detailed descriptions of their experiences. Biden. Mr. Passantino’s 15-page response to Raskin was based largely on transcripts of his client’s interviews with investigators, including text messages and emails suggesting Joe Biden was involved in his son’s business. ing.

Mr. Passantino harshly criticized Mr. Raskin, who claimed that his client’s meeting with members of Congress was a “burlesque-like mess,” and blamed Democratic members and their allies for inappropriate behavior during the proceedings. He said it was the staff. Republican officials who were present previously told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the actions of Democrats, including Mr. Raskin, were “absurd and childish” and “a true embarrassment to the organization.”

Mr. Passantino also said that Mr. Raskin’s Feb. 20 letter, in which Mr. Bobulinsky had some degree of partisan motivation for speaking out against the Biden family, indicated that many individuals and organizations He said it was unfairly accusing him of lying about the subject matter — and pointed out that it appears to have been shared. ABC News before being sent to Passantino.

The ABC News article falsely claims that Bobrinsi wrote the now infamous article. May 2017 Email The company is proposing a stock split that includes a “10% share for “great people.”” Archive version of the story show. Hunter Biden’s laptop archives show that the email was not written by Bobulinski, but by James Gillier, another former Hunter Biden business associate. (RELATED: IRS revelation: Hunter said Joe was in the room with messages threatening his Chinese partner)

DCNF contacted ABC News to see if it intended to issue a correction regarding the sender of the email “10 Held by H for Great Men.” The article had not been corrected at the time of publication, and a representative for ABC News did not immediately respond to inquiries.

The ABC News article also cited the Jan. 26 testimony of Hunter Biden’s former partner Rob Walker, who said no one responded to an email outlining the proposed stock split. ing. However, the laptop archives show that there were several reactions to that message, contrary to Walker’s testimony.

“If we are truly interested in coming together to ensure that the American people have the opportunity to judge the credibility and demeanor of all witnesses involved, we stand together and call on Chairman Comer and Chairman Jordan to convene a live broadcast. It seems to me that they should.” Mr. Bobulinski, the Biden family, Mr. Walker and Mr. Gillier will all be present under oath at this hearing to answer the same questions on matters of national importance.” Mr. Passantino The letter concludes.

Mr. Raskin’s office did not respond to requests for comment.

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