PM Narendra Modi Arrives In Bhutan On 2-Day State Visit, Receives Red Carpet Welcome

Prime Minister Modi arrived in Bhutan on a two-day state visit to strengthen ties. (file photo) Thimphu: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today arrived in Bhutan on a two-day state visit to further strengthen India’s unique relationship with the Himalayan nation as part of the country’s ‘neighborhood first’ policy. Prime Minister Modi received a red carpet […]

Colorado library receives book 37 years late: ‘long strange trip’

Library books that were due nearly 37 years ago were recently returned to a Northern Colorado library, the High Plains Library District announced in a Monday, March 18, Facebook post. “This book, “Psychedelics,” by Bernard Aaronson, was scheduled for return on May 30, 1987,” the High Plains Library District said in a post. “It was […]

Texas man receives more than 10 life sentences for torturing stepchildren, nephews

A Texas man was convicted of child torture and sentenced to more than 10 life sentences for the crime. Prosecutors say David Calhoun, 38, tortured several children in a manner similar to how prisoners of war and political prisoners were tortured during the Korean and Vietnam wars, Fox 4 reported. did. According to Fox 4, […]

REPORT: Matt Gaetz Receives Court Order To Testify In Defamation Suit

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz was subpoenaed Thursday to testify in a defamation lawsuit brought by Chris Dorworth, a former Florida congressman and one of Gaetz’s longtime political associates, NBC News reports. Ta. Dorworth is suing over allegations made after a lengthy Justice Department investigation. according to Go to NBC News. Mr. Gaetz was subpoenaed […]

Sean Strickland receives hate and support from Navy SEALs

UFC fighter Sean Strickland sparked a strong reaction after posting a video in which he said the US Navy SEALs would not be able to cope with his training regimen. Strickland, recently crowned UFC middleweight champion, is no stranger to controversial rants. This includes a recent video post comparing his fitness to military special operations […]

German man receives 217 COVID vaccinations in 29 months

A German man who claims to have received 217 COVID-19 vaccinations in about two and a half years said he had no side effects or side effects from the shots. The newspaper reported that the 62-year-old man from Magdeburg had been “over-vaccinated”. lancetresearching infectious diseases. The study noted that the man “intentionally and for personal […]

Man Willingly Receives 217 COVID-19 Vaccinations

(Photo by Joe Radle/Getty Images) OAN’s James Myers3:11pm – Wednesday, March 6, 2024 A 62-year-old German man deliberately received 217 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine within 29 months, as vaccine use begins to slow around the world. advertisement The vaccination was said to have taken place outside of a clinical study, and upon hearing the […]


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