What Iran learned from Russia

For Ukraine and its supporters, this attack further proved that: Dangerous link between Moscow and Tehran And in their view, defeating Russia in Ukraine should strengthen the argument that defeating Russia could weaken an aggressor that threatens the United States and its allies around the world. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Sunday condemned Iran’s attack […]

Ukraine in ‘Serious Risk’ of Losing to Russia This Year, Says UK General

Ukraine could be completely defeated by Russia this year, a former commander of the UK Joint Forces Command has warned. As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues into its third year, the vastly outnumbered and outgunned country faces a “grave risk” of having to concede defeat to Russia, Richard says. General Barrons said. Said BBC. There […]

Russia calls for restraint after Iranian strikes on Israel

Russia said on Sunday it was extremely concerned about an Iranian attack on Israel and called on all parties to exercise restraint, but said tensions would remain high until the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is resolved. Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement about the Iranian attack that it “expresses extreme concern at the new dangerous escalation […]

Ukraine air defences overwhelmed as Russia pounds power stations | Ukraine

Following the destruction of the entire power plant on Thursday, a senior presidential adviser acknowledged that Ukraine’s air defenses were being overwhelmed by a barrage of Russian bombing targeting the plant. Mykhailo Podlyak said the Russian government is adopting new tactics to bypass Patriot and other missile shields already in place and attack power plants […]

Russia Destroys Major Ukrainian Power Plant, Power Shortages Expected

Russia appears to be stepping up its campaign to take power away from Ukraine, launching a series of major missile and drone attacks against critical infrastructure this week, completely destroying a large power plant. The Trypilska coal and gas power plant was “completely destroyed” in an overnight missile attack on Thursday, according to Ukrainian state […]

Switzerland to Host Ukraine Peace Conference… But No Russia

GENEVA (AP) – The Swiss government said Wednesday it will hold a high-level international conference in June to chart a path toward peace in Ukraine after more than two years of war, with the hope that Russia may one day join the peace process. I’m looking forward to it. The lakeside Bürgenstock resort is scheduled […]

Russia Is Torturing and Targeting Ukrainian Christians, Leaders Tell Speaker Johnson

Ukrainian Christian leaders have co-signed a letter asking US House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson to “consider the plight” of believers in the country who are being persecuted and targeted by Russian soldiers. The letter to Johnson was co-signed by Valery Antoniu, president of the Ukrainian Baptist Union, and Yaroslav Pidzhi, president of the Ukrainian […]

China Rejects US “Criticism Or Pressure’ Over Ties With Russia

Beijing: China vowed on Wednesday not to accept “criticism or pressure” over its relations with Russia, after Washington warned it would hold China accountable if Russia profits in Ukraine.Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell said Tuesday that the United States is “sitting back and saying that nothing is wrong” after China renewed its pledge of […]


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