Pennsylvania Gov. Shapiro appeals court’s blockage of carbon-pricing standards

Gov. Josh Shapiro’s administration on Tuesday ordered Pennsylvania power plant owners to take action against greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, even as Democrats warned lawmakers to start considering better alternatives. The company announced it is appealing a court ruling that blocked state regulations requiring the payments. In a statement, Shapiro did not commit […]

Candace Owens slams ’emotionally unhinged’ Ben Shapiro over Israel

Candace Owens has accused Ben Shapiro of being “emotionally unstable” and “unprofessional,” the latest escalation in the feud between the two Daily Wire stars over Israel. Owens responded on social media Wednesday to Daily Wire co-founder Shapiro, who urged her to quit the right-wing news organization. “Candace, if you feel that taking money from the […]

Shapiro Owens war escalates conservatives take s​ides

Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro are no strangers to controversy. As two of the Daily Wire’s most famous talking heads, they’ve spent years criticizing not only the left but also other conservatives, and now they’re shooting at each other. Their differing views on the Israel-Hamas conflict have quickly escalated existing tensions between the two, with […]

Tucker Carlson, Candace Owens, and Ben Shapiro: Understanding the Dispute

Popular conservative host Tucker Carlson interviewed conservative commentator Candace Owens about her dispute with Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro on Wednesday, and a video of him criticizing her was released. This caused an uproar to surface. Shapiro said Owens’ comments about the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas were “shameful,” but did not elaborate. Mr. […]

Ben Shapiro twoword question PERFECT response Free Palestine

Students who discuss Ben Shapiro are usually indoctrinated with woke ideology, but you should at least give them some credit for their audacity. It takes a certain amount of courage to take on one of the most well-read and articulate people alive. This type of Shapiro versus progressive student debate usually ends quickly, as it […]