Under the EPA’s watch, unchecked insecticides are causing another ‘Silent Spring’

In the early 1990s, the agrochemical industry released neonicotinoidsa new class of neurotoxic pesticides admired As a “milestone in pesticide research”. Neonics, for short, was declared safer and more effective in selectively killing insects, while harming birds and other vertebrates.they were seen by many As an improvement over more persistent pesticides such as organophosphates and […]

Miller Lite silent on ‘woke’ ad after Bud Light Dylan Mulvaney disaster

Miller Light launched a marketing campaign for Women’s History Month in March lashing out at beer ads focused on bimbo in bikinis, but following a dismal affiliation with Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney. It seems that he made an effort to remain silent on the matter. Miller Lite’s Women’s History Month campaign, titled “From Bad $#!T […]

GOP Presidential Longshots Rip Trump After Town Hall — But Bigger Names Stay Silent

Several 2024 Republican presidential nominees were named Donald Trump after former President Donald Trump took the stage at CNN Town Hall Wednesday night and clashed with host Kaitlan Collins, drawing cheers and laughter from the Republican crowd. criticized the former president. President Trump has used the opportunity to defend himself in areas frequently criticized by […]

Mexican Government Silent on Border City Raid Targeting Cartel Boss’s Son

Mexican authorities have remained tight-lipped about a weekend raid targeting the son of a top regional Gulf Cartel boss in the border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas. With the quiet behind the raid, locals said the move could be an attempt to negotiate a deal to stop recent turf wars between rival Gulf Cartel factions plaguing […]

Ray Liotta died of ‘silent killer’ that affects half of US adults over 45

The cause of actor Ray Liotta’s death was revealed a year ago this month. Liotta, 67, died of pulmonary edema and acute heart failure in his sleep while filming a movie in the Dominican Republic on May 26 last year, according to documents. Get it on TMZA condition that affects half of Americans over the […]

The silent killer that is terrorizing Virginia 

When Americans turn on the news on their televisions, they are in the front row watching the latest congressional drama and partisan struggles between Republican and Democratic politicians. After all, petty arguments and confusion are not what Americans really care about. Instead, I am concerned with issues at the table that affect families and communities, […]

E. Jean Carroll to Trump lawyer: ‘I thought it was time not to be silent’

Writer E. Jean Carroll, who accused former President Trump of raping her in the 1990s, filed an allegation on her second day on the stand because of the #MeToo movement in 2019. “I thought it was time to keep quiet,” Carroll said when questioned by Trump’s attorney Joe Tacopina. ABC News. Carroll said she had […]