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5 ways to maximize your chances of survival in a kidnapping situation: experts

Not everyone who is kidnapped or goes missing is found alive or rescued safely, but those who do survive are sometimes saved by their own resourcefulness and resourcefulness. If you suspect you are being held against your will or in danger of being kidnapped, whether for ransom or the kidnapper’s other nefarious motives, remain as […]

Mike ‘The Situation’ ate lunch with Michael Cohen in prison

‘Jersey Shore’ star Mike ‘The Situation’ Mike Sorrentino reveals he has become friendly with notorious lawyer Michael Cohen, who is currently in a federal correctional facility, despite having ‘different values’ Ta. Sorrentino, who is serving time in prison for tax evasion, said he ate lunch next to Cohen every day while in prison. Sorrentino said […]

Indian Embassy On Kyrgyzstan Situation

The embassy advised students to keep in regular contact (File) Bishkek: As the situation in Bishkek remains normal, the Indian embassy in Kyrgyzstan announced on Sunday that a mob attack involving mainly Pakistani students and locals occurred in Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek on the night of May 17. He announced that all students are safe. “The […]

Why Stefanie Dolson left Liberty in free agency: ‘Unfortunate situation’

On Tuesday night, Stephanie Dolson happily greeted former Liberty teammates and staff members at the Entertainment and Sports Arena as they arrived for the 2024 season opener in Washington, D.C. Just one year ago, the two-time All-Star center was at the beginning of a long road to a WNBA Finals appearance in New York. However, […]

Former Situation Room officer: Pence came ‘close’ to being killed on Jan. 6

A former Situation Room official said former Vice President Mike Pence was nearly killed during the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol. “The important thing for me is to remember that we actually got that close and that we had the ‘what if we lose’ conversation.” [vice president,] If it’s the 25th [Amendment] […]

Insider reveals the secrets of White House Situation Room

On May 1, 2011, President Obama, his staff, and military leaders were huddled together in the Situation Room, a quarantine facility in the basement of the White House, as they witnessed Osama bin Laden’s attack on his compound in Pakistan. Official White House photographer Pete Souza captured the iconic moment, but it was made possible […]