Hamas Commander Yahya Sinwar Who Orchestrated October 7 Attack Spotted In Tunnel

The one-minute video shows Shinwar and his family, the IDF said. New Delhi: The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Tuesday released footage it claims has identified Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar walking through a tunnel in Gaza with his family. If confirmed, this would be the first sighting of Sinwar since he went into hiding ahead […]

Rare, black-and-white bottlenose dolphin spotted in Australia

One of the world’s rarest colored dolphins has been discovered in Australia. Speckles, a spotted black and white bottlenose dolphin, surprised University of the Sunshine Coast researchers at Hervey Bay, a whale heritage site on the Queensland coast. “It was nearing the end of the day and we were about to leave, and we saw […]

Researchers: Newborn Great White Shark Spotted Off California Coast

Never-before-seen footage shows what appears to be a newborn great white shark discovered off the coast of Santa Barbara, California in July 2023. A study from the University of California, Riverside claimed the incident could help solve a mystery that has puzzled scientists for years, Fox Weather reported. report Monday. Wildlife filmmaker Carlos Guana said […]

Nearly 1,000 manatees spotted in record-breaking swim at Florida park

A record number of manatees were spotted basking in a shallow Florida waterway over the weekend, a promising situation for the endangered species. Officials counted 932 sea cows swimming Sunday at the Blue Springs State Park site, a warm haven for the mammals located 30 miles north of Orlando. This number broke the park's previous […]

Rare white Gentoo penguin spotted in Antarctica

Not all penguins wear tuxedos. A rare white penguin has been discovered at a scientific base in Antarctica. It stood out among the black and white penguins. The bird, which belongs to the Gentoo species, was discovered on January 4 by researchers at the González Videla Antarctic Station. CBS News reported. This species typically has […]

Embattled Trump Prosecutor Spotted in Public Allegedly Holding Gun

President Trump's embattled prosecutor Nathan Wade was reportedly seen holding a gun in public on Thursday. As Breitbart News reported, Wade, the special prosecutor in the Trump election interference case, has come under intense scrutiny following allegations of an affair with Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis. of new york post beginning report The appearance […]

Wink Martindale spotted at airport as Giants drama lingers

What's going on with Wink Martindale seems to be the question on every Giants fan's mind right now. Martindale reportedly resigned as the team's defensive coordinator following a major coaching overhaul on Monday, but as of Tuesday morning he had not yet formally submitted his resignation to the team. Adding to the speculation, Martindale, 60, […]


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