NYC man stabs tourist near Times Square, video shows

Shocking video shows the moment a serial criminal pulls out a giant knife and stabs a passing tourist near Times Square in a horrifying, unprovoked attack. Video of Saturday evening’s attack shows a man using a walker to exit the deli at West 43rd Street and Eighth Avenue, wander outside the storefront, and then lunge […]

Houston transgender suspect runs over, fatally stabs man: police

A suspect who was allegedly seen on video running a man over with his car twice, straddling him, kissing him and fatally stabbing him multiple times in broad daylight has been charged with murder. Obtained court documents mention Karon Fisher, 20. by KTRKTV Although he is male, Houston police refer to him as “she.” Police […]

Texas trans woman runs over man, kisses his body, stabs him: police

Disturbing video footage shows a deranged woman hitting a man with her car, then driving up to his corpse, kissing him and stabbing him multiple times. Authorities identified the suspect as Karon Fisher, a 20-year-old transgender woman. Steven Anderson, 64, was on his way to pick up his mail in his Houston neighborhood on May […]

‘He’s Going To Die’: Man Allegedly Stabs, Kills Teen Over Parking Space In Bronx

A 45-year-old suspect is accused of stabbing his 19-year-old neighbor to death during an argument over a parking spot in the Bronx on Thursday morning, ABC 7 News reports. The suspect, Vladimir López German, was charged by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) with manslaughter. murder Criminal possession of weapons, its outlet report. Arrested […]

Worried About Eclipse, US Influencer Stabs Partner, Kills Baby, Then Dies

Los Angeles: An American astrology influencer worried about the recent solar eclipse stabbed his partner to death, then threw their two children out of a moving car and crashed the car into a tree, injuring them fatally, a report said on Wednesday. Ta. Daniel Johnson, who promoted weekly “aura cleansing” on his website and offered […]

Son allegedly drives home and stabs mother 70 times

A University of Florida preparatory student drove home from school and stabbed his mother to death as soon as she answered the door, Florida authorities said. Emanuel Espinoza, a 21-year-old college student, drove from college to his mother’s house in Frostproof, Florida, where he committed the alleged attack. Video release Espinoza was shown approaching his […]

US Medical Student Stabs Own Mother To Death For “Annoying” Him

Manny Espinoza called emergency services immediately after the incident. New details have emerged in what Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd calls “one of the strangest cases” he has ever encountered. Emmanuel “Manny” Espinoza, a 21-year-old master’s degree medical student, is accused of stabbing his mother, Elvia Espinoza, 46, to death Saturday afternoon. fox news report. […]

Stranger Allegedly Stabs Elderly Man With Screwdriver For Drumming On His Lap

A stranger allegedly stabbed an elderly man in the head on a New York City subway bus Monday afternoon simply because he played drums on his lap, police said. A 60-year-old man who was playing percussion on his lap reportedly enraged the stranger, prompting him to stab the elderly man with a screwdriver. Said New […]

Haitian migrant, Kenol Baptiste, fatally stabs two roommates in Middletown, NY apartment

A Haitian immigrant allegedly killed two of his roommates at a Hudson Valley apartment complex while awaiting a federal deportation hearing. Kenol Baptiste, 30, was charged Monday with stabbing two men in and around an apartment complex in Middletown, New York. Police arrived at Ruth Court’s apartment after receiving a report of a stabbing. Officers […]