Jose Reyes has had it with Daniel Vogelbach striking out looking

We’ve seen enough of Jose Reyes. The former Mets All-Star shortstop tweeted his feedback on Daniel Vogelbach, who struck out for the 15th time this season against the Cubs on Thursday night. “I don’t know if Vogey understands the concept…” Reyes wrote on Twitter. “You have to swing the bat to hit the ball…” Daniel […]

Aaron Rodgers striking perfect balance for must-watch-TV Jets

Photographers lined up on the terrace overlooking the Atlantic Health Jets’ practice field, where Aaron Rodgers twisted his calf and limped a bit before being demoted to his former one-day coach. And when practice was over, photographers lined up waist-to-waist, lens-to-lens, in standing-only seats in the back of the cramped, cramped press room as reporters […]

First Cruise Missiles go to Ukraine, UK Says They Aren’t for Striking Russia

Britain has announced a “coordinated and appropriate response to Russian escalation” in donating long-range cruise missiles, while Russia has threatened an “appropriate” military response. Britain has donated an unspecified number of long-range stealth cruise missiles to Ukraine, which it said were intended to push back “Russian forces based within Ukraine’s sovereign territory”. Approval by Defense […]

Biden says striking writers deserve fair deal ‘as soon as possible’

President Biden said on Monday that he hopes Hollywood’s striking writers will be given a fair deal “as soon as possible,” since unions representing thousands of TV and film writers went on strike last week. , provided his first public comment. “Evenes like this are a reminder of the power of story and the importance […]

Striking Hollywood Writers Accuse Streaming Giants of Treating Them Like Uber Drivers: ‘Cancel Your Subscriptions’

Impressive Hollywood writers have accused major streamers of treating them like disposable gig workers and are urging consumers around the world to “cancel their subscriptions.” Writers Guild of America Western Vice President Marjorie David Said The Daily Beast, with streamers like Amazon abusing an army of writers, calling it “a terrible thing.” “Streamers don’t care. […]

Two United Airlines flights turn back after striking birds

On Tuesday, two United Airlines flights were forced to turn back to Houston after being hit by a flock of birds. Two flights, United Airlines Flight 2086 to Las Vegas and Flight 847 to Santiago, Chile, had to reverse course and return to Bush Intercontinental Airport in Texas around 10:00 PM. Kou 11. Air traffic […]

Timeless Glenn Beck clip goes viral; striking parallels resonate with viewers years later

clip from Glenn Beck SPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS Government corruption widened Friday, millions of view. “I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I’m fed up. Enough,” declared Beck. “I’m tired of exposing corruption… And nothing happens when I expose it. No one goes to jail. No one pays for advertising***.” Although the clip was […]

Wisconsin officer charged after striking man with his car at traffic stop in 2021

A Green Bay police officer was charged Wednesday with gross misconduct in his office after hitting a man with a police car after a traffic stop in 2021. The Brown County District Attorney’s Office also charged Matthew Knutson, a 13-year veteran of Green Bay’s board of directors, with negligent driving of a vehicle and misdemeanor […]